Coral Springs Candidate Daniel Foganholi Discusses City Issues Ahead of Seat 2 Election

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By Bryan Boggiano

With less than four weeks until Election Day, School Board Member and Seat 2 candidate Daniel Foganholi discussed issues facing the city and campaign priorities.

Foganholi, a 27-year Coral Springs resident, first moved to the city because his parents wanted to live somewhere that is safe, family-oriented, and has good schools to ensure quality education.

It is also where he decided to start a family of his own.

“Coral Springs is a special place, and that is the reason why I decided to raise my family here,” he said.

His family includes his wife, Alyssa, son, Daniel Jr., and daughter, Mila, whom he welcomed this past week.

Over time, Foganholi noticed that the city had begun to lose its identity. He also said it had been a long time since the city commission had any Hispanic representation. That representation, he stated, is important.

According to data from the 2020 Census, about 28.2 percent of Coral Springs residents are Hispanic.

“I believe representation is extremely important, and no one in our community should feel left out, ignored, or not represented,” he said.

If elected, Foganholi would be the first Brazilian commissioner in the city’s history.

Foganholi described his professional background as “all over the place.” At a young age, he stated that he was a touring musician, signing a record deal, and performing overseas for the troops.

He is currently the director of strategic partnerships for BRAUSA and representative for Broward County Public Schools District 5. Governor Ron DeSantis appointed him to the position on April 29.

He was sworn in on May 3.

“Though the time has been short [on the school board], my life has been changed forever,” he said. “I went from having one child to feeling like I was adopting 260,000.”

As a commissioner, Foganholi would actively be involved with the community and communicate with residents to know them and their needs. He would be a  voice for everybody in Coral Springs.

He would also bring new energy and perspectives to the commission.

If elected, Foganholi would focus on priority issues such as improving schools, providing jobs, continuing development in Corporate Park, and revamping city parks.

He would work with school board members to make Coral Springs schools the best in the state. He believes in giving schools the necessary resources, interior and exterior renovations, and security upgrades.

Foganholi suggested increased development in Corporate Park to provide jobs within the city. Doing this would keep jobs and residents in the city. He also suggested supporting small businesses further and would work together with them to stay open.

Coral Springs Candidate Daniel Foganholi Discusses City Issues Ahead of Seat 2 Election

Daniel Foganholi with his wife wife, Alyssa, and son, Daniel Jr. {Foganholi Campaign}

On the topic of parks, although Coral Springs has good parks, Foganholi wants to make them great. He suggested giving playgrounds makeovers and developing more family-oriented attractions.

On safety, he would support first responders like he fights to support teachers.

“My priorities and my focuses are what makes Coral Springs the city we love, and it all ties back to family,” he said.

He will accept the final results of the election, is a firm believer in the voting process, and hopes for a large turnout.

 “It is a privilege to serve, and I want to serve the people of Coral Springs.”

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