Coral Springs Family Suffers Loss of Unleashed Dog in Fatal Attack

Coral Springs Family Suffers Loss of Dog in Fatal Attack

Skylar [photo courtesy of Araújo family]

By: Jen Russon

A family from the Glenoaks community of Coral Springs was having a normal weekend when their dog died unexpectedly and tragically.

Melissa Pessoa Araújo was not at home when the family pet, a male Yorkie named Skylar, was attacked by another dog from the neighborhood.

Out paddleboarding with friends on an otherwise peaceful Saturday, Melissa said her oldest daughter called her crying, asking, ‘did you hear what happened to dad?’ 

It turned out Skylar had been killed during the few seconds Adilson Araujo let him out into the yard.

“My husband was with our two dogs that afternoon and let them both outside briefly. Only our Shitzu, Shadow came back,” said Melissa.

The 12-year-old Yorkie, who they described as ‘happy, active, and always poking around in other people’s business,’ ran up to a German Shepherd and was fatally bitten.

The larger dog was on a leash, and Skylar was not.

The Araujo’s, who have lived in Coral Springs for seven years, said they are friendly with the elderly couple who own the German Shepherd but don’t know them well.

“We are not taking any action whatsoever against the other dog owners. We know tragic accidents happen. We are so sad, maybe a bit angry, but that will pass,” said Melissa.

She added how much she regrets posting about the loss of Skylar on Nextdoor because many people who live in the area blamed the Araujo’s for Skylar’s death and left nasty comments.

“I only wanted to post a warning for pet owners with smaller dogs. I never thought this could happen to us,” Melissa said.

While the Humane Unit was called to the unleashed Yorkie’s death scene, no charges were filed.  That is because the German Shepherd was properly leashed.

“I cried for an entire day. Now that I’ve had four days to process this freak accident, I can remember the good times. Skylar was funny and sweet,” recalled Melissa.

She said her husband feels awful the dog died on his watch, but no one in the family blames him. 

“It was a tragic accident,” Melissa said, “just watch your dogs closely.”

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