Childhood Friends from Coral Springs Revolutionize Windshield Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Tablets

Childhood Friends from Coral Springs Revolutionize Windshield Cleaning with Eco-Friendly TabGo Tablets

Svet Karagueorguiev and Brandon Powell with the TabGo product. {Courtesy}

By Agrippina Fadel

Even as kids, Coral Springs neighbors and childhood friends Svet Karagueorguiev and Brandon Powell preferred building things in Brandon’s garage instead of playing outside.

Years later, that curiosity for invention and the desire to find sustainable solutions for everyday problems brought them to TabGo. This windshield washer fluid tablets business eliminates plastic and the necessity of transporting thousands of gallons of water across the country.

The two created the brand from start to finish, including all elements of the concept, packaging, design, and distribution. They sell the TabGo tablets in glass containers and paper-packed refills on their website and soon hope to offer their product at local businesses and car shows.

Childhood Friends from Coral Springs Revolutionize Windshield Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Tablets

TabGo tablets

Karagueorguiev said the product is manufactured by the company’s global supply partners, with components assembled in Coral Springs. TabGo hopes to reduce its carbon footprint and bring manufacturing as close to the customer as possible while keeping costs reasonable.

The glass jar of 50 tablets costs $19.99, with refills and subscriptions available. Karagueorguiev said the product is user-friendly – all it takes is dropping a tablet in the washer fluid tank and filling it with water.

University of Oxford graduate Karagueorguiev lives in Riverside, and Powell, a J.P. Taravella graduate, is studying for a master’s in architecture at FIU and resides in Miami. As kids, the friends were always curious about technology and looking for “cutting-edge innovations to learn about.”

“Through Brandon’s involvement in the JP Taravella Engineering Club, I met many like-minded people who we would work on projects with,” said Karagueorguiev, adding that their friendship developed over the years, always fueled by an entrepreneurial drive and shared passion for sustainability. “Together, we have launched several ventures and hope to continue to inspire young entrepreneurs to start their journey.”

Childhood Friends from Coral Springs Revolutionize Windshield Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Tablets

Brandon Powell and Svet Karagueorguiev as teens {Courtesy}

Karagueorguiev said that the TabGo idea, although relatively niche, was born when the cofounders started thinking about nonsensical big polluters and what could be done to reduce environmental damage from everyday items and products.

“Something about the big plastic jugs and the needless transportation of a heavy water-based solution seemed blatantly inefficient. Looking at the success of tablets in other consumer goods such as soap and mouthwash, we decided to take a similar approach with the windshield washer fluid,” he said, adding that TabGo is a plastic-free and space-saving alternative that also happens to be much cheaper for the consumer.

The founders said they didn’t want to be another company that offers a “green” solution but charges double for it. “This is why our tablets cost, on average, 90% less than a similar amount of traditional windshield washer fluid from a leading national competitor,” Karagueorguiev said.

He added that the company hopes to expand into the greater automotive care space and develop a full line of tabletized car care that can be easily transportable and eco-friendly.

TabGo is in talks to partner with Supercar Saturdays, a local car show, and Smorgasburg, a Miami-based market, to sell the tablets at their locations as soon as next month.

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