Ice Cream Shop Owner Threatened to “Shred” Teen’s Family With Police K-9

Coral Springs Ice Cream Shop Owner Secretly Videotaped Teen Employee

Sergio Khorosh

By Kevin Deutsch

A Coral Springs ice cream shop owner who secretly videotaped his teenage employee using the bathroom also impersonated a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy chief, telling his victim he would use a K-9 unit to “shred her family members” after she rebuffed his advances, court records show.

Sergio Khorosh, 55, owner of Moo Moo Scoops at 9469 W. Atlantic Blvd., in the Coral Square Mall, is charged with video voyeurism, aggravated stalking, and impersonating a law enforcement officer. Police said he went as far as to equip his car with lights and sirens to intimidate the teen girl, telling her he would send the bathroom footage of her to her friends and family on Instagram if she kept avoiding him, according to the records.

The teen’s ordeal began in July when Khorosh hired her to work in his ice cream shop. The business owner regularly commented “how beautiful she was” and secretly videotaped her using a video camera disguised as a USB port, which he had pointed toward the toilet in the shop’s employee bathroom, records show.

On Aug. 4, several weeks after her hire date, the victim became “suspicious that [the device] was a camera because she saw it blinking when she was using the bathroom,” Coral Springs Police wrote in an arrest affidavit.

“The victim eventually pulled the device from the outlet, broke it apart, and found that there was a memory stick inside,” the affidavit states.

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The teen told her parents about what she found, but “they decided not to report it to law enforcement right away because they were scared,” according to the affidavit.

After that, the victim said she unplugged the device every time she used the bathroom.

Police wrote on Aug. 22, Khorosh asked to speak with the victim alone in the shop’s backroom. There, he showed her the video he had recorded without her knowledge and told her “he could have gone inside the bathroom and ‘put his d— inside’ her,” the affidavit states.

He told her he would give her gifts and flowers if she’d be his friend, said that he loved her, and kissed her forehead, police wrote.

After that, the teen got a new job, where Khorosh tried to visit her and was turned away because the lobby was closed to the public, records show.

According to the affidavit, when she told him she did not want to work with him anymore, he sent her 19 texts “professing his love, threatening her,” and showing the earrings he wanted to give her.

When the victim didn’t respond to his texts, Khorosh showed up at her family’s home on Aug. 30 and tried to open the door, police said.

The girl and her mother were home and immediately called BSO, but deputies arrived only after Khorosh had left, records show.

The next day, Khorosh again showed up at the victim’s job, where he was confronted by her father, police said. After that, he told her he would share the bathroom footage with her friends and relatives on Instagram if she kept dodging him, records show.

On Sept. 1, police said they obtained evidence showing Khorosh was falsely impersonating a law enforcement officer to intimidate the girl.  In a recorded phone call, Khorosh told her he was a BSO deputy chief, had a police K-9 named Max, “had the ability to release the dog and shred her family members,” and “would then lock them up in jail,” the affidavit states.

Khorosh also activated the lights and sirens on his car and asked the victim if she could hear them, police said. To top off his police impersonation act, he sent her digital images of law enforcement identifications, according to the affidavit.

A resident of Lighthouse Point, Khorosh has a lengthy criminal history in New York City, including weapons charges and impersonating a police officer, police said.

On Sept. 2, Khorosh was arrested and, during an interview with Coral Springs Police, denied planting a secret recording device inside his business, records show.

When asked about threatening the victim’s family with a police dog, he told detectives “he had a good imagination,” according to the affidavit.

Khorosh was released from the Broward Main Jail on a $76,000 bond, records show.

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