J.P. Taravella Freshman Selected as a Congress of Future Medical Leaders Delegate


By: Jen Russon

A ninth-grader at J.P. Taravella has been selected by the Congress of Future Medical Leaders as a 2022 delegate at the organization’s medical convention this summer.

News of Veronica Pereira’s Award of Excellence was announced by Gabriel Butensky, creative photography teacher and Latinos in Action group leader (LIA).

“We couldn’t be prouder and happier. Veronica will also be next year’s LIA President and represents not only Florida but LIA’s leadership style,” said Butensky.

The Congress of Future Medical Leaders Award of Excellence is an academic honors program established by the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. 

The organization aims to instill confidence and awareness in talented high school students who want to pursue a career in medicine, which Pereira said she is determined to do.

“My dream medical career is to become a surgeon. I am debating if I want to be a neurosurgeon or a cardiothoracic surgeon.”

She added that her college plans are starting in May.

“Once I get my bachelor’s, I am hoping to go to med school at Harvard University,” said Pereira.

There is a good chance Pereira will hear one of her future professors speak when she travels to Boston this summer for a national conference. 

The event features top professionals in the medical field, including award-winning inventors and scientists and their patients.

For Pereira, who lives with her family in Coral Springs, being part of the Congress of Future Medical Leaders is a chance to not only mingle with like-minded peers but earn one college credit.

Pereira said she is humbled and honored to represent J.P. Taravella this summer and hopes she inspires other teenagers to follow their dreams. 

“It’s our youth —our hands —that make a difference in helping to change our community for the better.”

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