Levinson’s Family Pleads For Hostage’s Safe Return After Seven Years

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Sunday, marked the seventh year since Coral Springs resident Robert “Bob” Levinson was kidnapped while in Kish Island, Iran. He was taken hostage on March 9, 2007, and is the longest-held hostage in American history.  It was revealed recently that he was working for the CIA on a mission that led to the shakeup in which three people were forced out of their jobs at the agency.

Today would be Levinson’s 66th birthday.

Although it’s been over three years since his family has had proof of life, they are holding out hope for his return, posting every day on Facebook with memories and photos of him.

His family released this statement:

Today we remind the world that, after seven years, Bob is still not home with those who love him – his wife, sons, daughters, grandchildren and friends. Bob’s continued imprisonment defies the humanity in all of us.

After seven years, we have almost no words left to describe our life without Bob. We miss his face, his voice, his laughter, his wisdom and his embrace. We miss everything about Bob. No matter where we turn, Bob is absent.

Bob will be 66 years old on Monday, March 10. We continue to be extremely worried about his health, especially due to his advancing age and the harsh conditions that he is enduring. We pray that he is receiving the medical care he may need.

We ask those who are holding Bob to show mercy and send him home to us so he may live out the rest of his life quietly and in peace. We ask the government of Iran to resolve Bob’s case on humanitarian grounds so he may safely return home. We ask the U.S. government to recognize its duty to bring home one of its own who was taken while serving his country.

Bob, if you are able to see or hear this message, we urge you to be strong. You have two new grandsons: One was born just three weeks ago; the other is four months old – the same age our oldest grandson was when you were first kidnapped. Our love for you grows each day, and we pray for that moment when we will be reunited as a family.”


For more information visit www.helpboblevinson.com or www.facebook.com/helpboblevinson

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