Long Island Medium Helps Coral Springs Woman Reconnect with Her Brother

Long Island Medium Helps Coral Springs Woman Reconnect with Her Brother

Meryl and Sean Katlin. {Courtesy Katlin family}

By Agrippina Fadel

Meryl Katlin’s brother Sean passed away unexpectedly — found on the bottom of a Boca Raton community pool on July 4, 2007.

Like many others, Meryl always wished for another moment, a chance to speak to her younger sibling one more time.

She says Long Island medium Theresa Caputo gave her that opportunity at her event in Coral Springs on April 25.

A Philadelphia native, Meryl has been a Coral Springs resident since 1993, now residing in Vizcaya. She is a small business owner and operates a MakeaTeeOnline.

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Meryl said that “a perfect storm” of events led her to attend the medium’s show and thinks her brother might have helped orchestrate it.

“I did not know I was going to be there that night; I really wasn’t supposed to go,” said Meryl, adding that she knew Caputo was coming to town, but the tickets were not on sale yet, and she “forgot all about it,” until the day of the event, when a friend called her in the afternoon and said she had an extra ticket.

“So, there wasn’t my name on the ticket anywhere that Caputo could look up and know that Meryl Katlin was going to attend, Google me and find out any information about me,” she said.

Katlin went with a friend, Lori Alhadeff, Broward County School Board Member, who lost her daughter Alyssa in the Parkland massacre.

“I was wearing a t-shirt that said, “Live for Alyssa,” hoping that Lori would have the experience with Theresa,” she explained.

Katlin didn’t know she would end up in the front row of the show and be the very first person Caputo would speak to.

“I never get front row seats!” she laughs. “I am sitting there, thinking, if she will see the spirits around me, who would it be? My brother, my aunt, my grandparents? If it is my brother, I need to take my new glasses off, or he will not recognize me. Just silly stuff.”

Long Island Medium Helps Coral Springs Woman Reconnect with Her Brother

Theresa Caputo

Meryl said Caputo came out, all dressed up, “big hair and a glitzy dress and fabulous shoes, eyelashes, and jewelry.” The medium had a great personality, “crass and fun,” and she “knew it would be a great night.”

Very open and spiritual, Meryl said she had many out-of-body experiences and counted herself a “true believer.” “I know it is all real. You don’t have to convince me,” she added.

She said Caputo explained what she would do at the beginning of the show and emphasized that she would not be able to reach everybody, but everyone in the audience would gain from the experience. Meryl was excited and “could not wait to hear everybody’s stories.”

Caputo then glanced at Meryl, walked right over to her, looked down, and said, “I see a younger brother.”

“It’s me,” Meryl replied.

The medium asked her to stand up.

Caputo mentioned earlier she might experience some of the physical sensations that the departed have felt. So, when she said, “I feel the water in my mouth and throat, I can’t breathe,” Meryl told her that her brother had died in the swimming pool.

The medium took a step back. “He wants to tell you that he fell into the pool,” then rubbed her head and said, “There is something about a bump, do you understand?”

“Yes, I do,” she replied.

Meryl explained that her brother had a bump on the back of his head, and his family could not figure out how he got it. Sean was found face down, and if he fell in, the bump would be on the front of his head.

He also had a fender-bender earlier in the day, but again, he hit his forehead. So, the bump was a “bit of a mystery,” said Meryl.

“He wants you to know that he fell into the pool, and he hit his head, and that’s where the bump came from,” Caputo said.

“I can’t believe that of all the things, that’s what he wants me to know. Tell me you love me!” said Meryl, laughing.

Caputo then mentioned a “young child.” Meryl shared that her brother had a 4-month-old baby.

Caputo then said, “he is telling me something about t-shirts,” and Meryl wasn’t sure if Sean meant her online business or that she kept all his t-shirts, and their mom Sheila still sleeps in his Rocky tee.

Finally, Caputo said, “he also wants you to know he is really sorry. He knows he should have taken better care of himself.”

Meryl said it was “totally something Sean would say.” It meant a lot to her to hear it.

She said her conversation with Sean through Caputo convinced many people in the audience that the medium was “the real deal.”

“There were a lot of people in the audience who knew me, and I didn’t even know they were there. They were all so happy for me because many of them knew how tragic it was for our family when Sean passed. It destroyed the closeness that we had before,” she said. “My reading, in a way, convinced them it was real. I got calls and texts later, people saying they knew I wasn’t planted, and how they know me for always being totally honest.”

Meryl said the experience was incredible, and she could not wait to tell her family about it.

“When you lose someone you are not supposed to lose so abruptly, on holiday, it is a true tragedy. Everybody wishes they have another minute with the person they love, and I am so happy I got that moment,” she said.

Theresa Caputo is a psychic medium, best known for her TLC reality television series Long Island Medium. She is currently touring the country with her live show “Theresa Caputo Live The Experience.”

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