Man Arrested for Striking Wife 3 Times in Video Game Dispute


Eric Duarte

By Hank McCoy

A man was arrested for domestic violence after allegedly hitting his wife repeatedly while they were drinking and playing video games.

On July 30,  Coral Springs Police Department was called to the residence at the 1300 block of NW 87th Ave. just after 9 a.m.

According to the CSPD, Eric Duarte, 52, of Coral Springs, was playing video games and drinking alcohol with his wife when she allegedly defeated a character in the game that Duarte couldn’t beat. He began to yell at her then struck her three times over the head with his fist. 

She claimed to have blocked one of his strikes with her left hand, causing an injury, then used her right forearm to block another blow, finally biting him in self-defense. 

According to the police report, Duarte pulled her hair, and the two began to wrestle on the floor. The wife managed to free herself and run to the bedroom to call the police.


When officers arrived at the scene, Duarte claimed his wife got upset because he said she had a learning disability and was illiterate. She then allegedly hit him and bit him on his right forearm. 

After speaking with the wife and Duarte, officers concluded her injuries were consistent with the events she described in her statement to them. Her statement and injuries were recorded on the officer’s body-cam, and officers provided her with a Domestic Violence packet and Restraining Order information.

The Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department treated her injuries at the scene.    

Officers apprehended Duarte and transported him to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, releasing him into their custody.

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