91 Coral Springs Businesses Receive Complaints for Not Following COVID-19 Precautions


By Ryan Yousefi

Several Coral Springs businesses have been reported for failing to follow precautions put in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

As of August 6, 91 complaints were filed against businesses in Coral Springs ranging from customers not wearing masks to businesses failing to put in place a social distancing plan and not following sanitizing procedures within their store.

The Coral Springs complaints are broken down into three categories; Pending Inspection (2), Resolved Complaints (51), and Warning Citation Issued (38). All businesses that receive a complaint have the right to a fair inspection, and the database remains fluid and is continuously updated to reflect new information that is received.

Since last week, nine new complaints were made, with four resulting in the business being issued a warning citation.

Coral Springs Auto Mall, located at 9400 West Atlantic Boulevard, received a warning citation on July 29, after employees allegedly were coming to work with symptoms of COVID-19, some even aware they had tested positive.

The complaint alleged no precautions were being made to keep employees socially distanced, and that at times, employees are sitting as close to two-feet away from each other. The complaint also alleges employees had been asking for safety plexiglass to be installed between stations, but ownership has never taken steps to meet this request.

The warning citation also includes allegations of the lack of sanitizing at the Auto Mall. According to the complaint, management and staff are not wiping down anything at all.

FedEx, located at 2200 University Drive, received a warning citation on August 5, stemming from a complaint that an employee was not wearing their facial covering correctly, even while standing next to a manager.

BJ’s Wholesale Club, located at 620 Riverside Drive, received a warning citation on July 31, that customers at the gas station area of the clubs’ grounds were not practicing social distancing or wearing masks.

Athletica Health and Fitness, located at 9800 West Atlantic Boulevard, received a warning citation on August 3 from a complaint alleging employees were wearing masks below their noses.

The complaint also stated people inside the club were not wearing masks while lifting weights, and an overall lack of employees who are tasked with enforcing CDC precautionary measures.

If you believe a business is not complying to emergency orders or CDC guidelines, you can submit a complaint to the City of Coral SpringsĀ online form, or call the Business Hotline 954-344-5772

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