82 Coral Springs Businesses Receive Complaints for Not Following COVID-19 Precautions


By Ryan Yousefi

Several Coral Springs businesses have been reported for not following Covid-19 precautions put in place by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of July 29, complaints have been filed against 82 businesses in Coral Springs. These range from customers not wearing face masks to businesses failing to put in place a social distancing plan and not following sanitizing procedures within their store.

Complaints filed with the county are considered “pending,” until a review is conducted. After a complaint is investigated, it is either labeled “resolved” or a warning citation is given to the business.

In just the past week, ten new warning citations have been issued from the 82 complaints. In addition, four of those complaints are filed under “pending review,” and three have been resolved without issue or a warning submitted.

Three citations were issued to two separate Publix Supermarkets in Coral Springs — one for the same violation.

Publix, located at 10701 Wiles Road, received a warning citation after a complaint was filed indicating the stores’ self-serve soup and salad bar were open. The complaint mentioned the soup and salad bar being open did not appear to be a mistake, as a Publix employee was stationed at the bar, helping customers and directing traffic.

A similar complaint was filed against Publix, located at 6270 West Sample Road. A warning citation was also issued to this store for having the soup and salad bar open.

In another complaint involving Publix located at 6270 West Sample Road, a warning citation was issued after it was determined a customer was lifting the plastic ice cream covers to “test the softness of the ice cream.” The complaint notes an employee was alerted to the actions but only told the customer that she could not do that.

Mullins Park, located at 10000 NW 29th street, received a warning citation after a complaint was filed indicating there were over 100 people in the same area not wearing masks or social distancing. The complaint also mentioned there were many people who were playing basketball in the same area.

Coral Springs KIA, located at 9330 West Atlantic Boulevard, received a warning citation after a complaint that service technicians and advisors were not wearing masks in the service area. In this same area, customers were present. The warning citation indicated a lack of social distancing in addition to the absence of masks and long lines of people waiting to be helped in the service area.

Bonefish Mac, located at 6174 West Sample Road, also received a warning citation on June 22. According to the complaint, patrons were viewed walking in and out of the restaurant without masks, with no employees visibly enforcing CDC standards. In addition, guests were pulling tables together to sit with more than they were allocated in the area, and much closer than the six-feet apart that is advised.

Pep Boys, located at 2100 North University Drive, also received a warning citation on June 28 after employees and guests were reported for not wearing masks correctly, or in some instances, not at all.

Sunyat Chinese, located at 8032 Wiles Road, received a citation on June 22 after a guest viewed multiple employees, including chefs, not wearing face coverings. After an inspection by the county, a citation was issued.

If you believe a business is not complying to emergency orders or CDC guidelines, you can submit a complaint to the City of Coral SpringsĀ online form, or call the Business Hotline 954-344-5772

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