Man Attempts to ‘Foil’ Anti-Theft Detection at Lowe’s

Man Attempts to 'Foil' Anti-Theft Detection at Lowe's

Julio Flores.

By Ryan Yousefi

A man was arrested for shoplifting after Coral Springs Police discovered he had used a technique with foil enabling him to circumvent anti-theft devices.

Julio Flores, 48, was arrested on July 8 and charged with one count of theft and one count of using an anti-shoplifting device.

At 4:52 p.m., the Coral Springs Police Department received a call from Lowe’s, located 3651 Turtle Creek Drive, about a shoplifting incident in progress. Stores employees told police a heavy-set man that matched the description of a man wanted for previous Lowe’s thefts was inside the store. Employees also told police he was in the process of attempting to steal more items.

Once police arrived, they located Flores carrying a satchel bag over his shoulder. After questioning, police discovered Flores had passed all points of sale in the store with items totaling $289.93, which included a $249.99 Yeti cooler.

According to the police report, Flores had utilized tin foil that he wrapped around the Yeti cooler that rendered the anti-theft devices in the store useless. Police found multiple pieces of tin foil on Flores during the arrest.

This was not the first time Flores has been charged with theft. Police say he had multiple prior incidents of theft arrests on his record before his apprehension on July 8. Those arrests dated back as far as 2011, with the most recent in 2014.

There was no indication in the police report as to whether Flores will be charged for the other suspected shoplifting incidents at Lowe’s.

After reviewing the case, Lowe’s indicated to police they would like to press charges. Flores was placed under arrest and transported to Coral Springs Police Department for booking and later transferred to the Broward County jail.

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