Meet and Greet for Dan Daley – Candidate for Coral Springs City Commissioner

Dan Daley (right) with Meyer and Claudia Pinchassow – Owners of Meyer’s Latin Flair

By Sharon Aron Baron

Supporters of Dan Daley gathered for a “Meet and Greet” in his honor on Tuesday at Meyer’s Latin Flair in Coral Springs. Daley is a candidate for Vince Boccard’s open seat in the Coral Springs City Commission in November as Boccard will be running for Mayor.  Mayor Gold cannot run again due to term limits.

Daley is a graduate of Stoneman Douglas High School and from Florida State University, with Cum Laude Honors in Political Science and Criminology.

He also served with the United States Air Force as a contracted cadet with the Reserve Officer Training Corps and has been involved with several charities that support the soldiers serving our country and their families.

For the past four years, Daley has worked full-time with State Representative Ari Porth, coordinating meetings and events with constituents.  He represents Porth at community functions when he is unable to attend and often speaks on his behalf. In Tallahassee, he coordinates meetings with interest groups that come to voice their concerns and often will meet with the groups himself.

“It has truly been a remarkable experience which has led to relationships with representatives and staff members from across the state,” said Daley regarding his experiences these past few years.

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As a small business owner in Coral Springs, Daley has a vested interest in the economic development opportunities in the city.  His own small business, Equine Excellence Enterprises, sells horse products across Florida and the Northeast.

With less than nine months to go until November, Daley has already knocked on over 3,500 homes in Coral Springs.

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