Over 100 Teachers and Staff Offer Sunshine and Smiles to Coral Springs Middle Students

By: Jen Russon

Teachers and staff at Coral Springs Middle School, home of the stallions, came together with positive messages, resilience, and hope for their students, who continue to wait out the COVID-19 crisis until campuses across Florida reopen to the public.

In a video featuring the vocal stylings of Justin Timberlake, Queen, and the American Authors’ ‘Best Day of my Life’ song, Coral Springs Middle students can now see over 100 of their teachers and school staff making the best of the stay-at-home order.

Principal Sara LaRosa said that when she put out a call to every teacher, specialist, cafeteria worker and custodian at her school to send in their pictures, every last one of them obliged within 48 hours.

From their driveways, garages, backyards, kitchens, and living rooms, teachers and staff flashed signs indicating how much they miss their Stallion family.

LaRosa credited school media specialist Charles Dadas, and Microtech Keith Reynolds with setting it all to music, and producing the video students can see when they log into Canvas.

“I have the most phenomenal staff and students. A dream of mine is to get them invited on Ellen,” LaRosa joked, adding seriously, that she knows the Stallions of Coral Springs Middle will come back stronger than ever when the threat of COVID-19 finally passes.

Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce

Some of the phenomenal staff LaRosa talked about, a parent and guidance director, Nicole Beaney, said she thinks the show of solidarity and smiles the school showed on camera was a real boost for the community.

“Our wonderful principal and teachers are great for morale during this distance learning phase. Thanks for all you do,” said Beaney.

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