Pasquale’s Pizza: Old School Pizza Done Right

The Marrone’s left to right: George Jr., Mike, May, George Sr., and Nick

The Marrone’s left to right: George Jr., Mike, May, George Sr., and Nick

By: Dan I. Cook:

Just a peek into the way I review and rate places. I like to compare apples to apples. I wouldn’t compare a Dominos Pizza joint to let’s say Sicilian Oven, Anthony’s Coal Fire to Pasquale’s Pizza.

Really, its common sense.

So with that said, let’s chat about Pasquale’s Pizza. It’s been a mainstay in Coral Springs since the late 1980’s. First opening in Tom’s River, New Jersey back in 1974, the owner, George Marrone Sr. named it after his father, Pasquale Marrone. In 1988, the Marrone family opened their first Florida location on Royal Palm Blvd and his three sons George Jr., 17; Mike, 15; and Nick, 13 began working in the restaurant.

In 2001, George Sr. retired leaving the operations to his sons. After this, they started expanding and now have three locations including two in Coral Springs and one in Coconut Creek.

Pasquale’s has now been open a total of 40 years. Now in order for something like that to happen you have to have:

  • A good product
  • Fair prices
  • Good service
  • Consistency

Some hard core Springs residents may feel that Pasquale’s is over-priced.

Trust me, I’ve heard it.

I don’t think anyone would really argue with any of the other bullets I typed. My take is good things aren’t cheap and if you’re worried about their pies being expensive, I suggest you go on Wacky Wednesdays when the prices are reduced.

Other than that, they do a real good job with the food.

How do I know?

Because I’ve eaten almost everything on their menu: cold subs, wings, calzones, pizza, hot subs, the garlic rolls and mozzarella sticks. Shoot, I’ve even had their smiley face french fries.

New York Style at Pasquale’s Pizza

I’m not gonna describe my take on all the food I’ve had, because to me that’s boring. I will tell you that they make a killer cold sub. The calzone is fantastic and it’s bigger than my head – and my head is huge. Of course, I love the mushroom pizza – done NY Style.

Lastly, their wings are a force to be reckoned with. George told me they were great and I didn’t believe him. For the heck of it I ordered some buffalo style, and I was pretty surprised how delicious they were: nice and meaty with a good flavor.

Service is outstanding. I can’t count how many times I’ve stood by the pick up counter having a drink while watching the food get pumped out. Honestly, I think the owner George may think I’m looney. I talk to most of his staff, Ruel, Agnes, Brandon, Villy, as well as his son Christian. Just great people, hard workers, and friendly as the day is long. Not sure why, but I always like to tell them thank you or have a great night and I think they appreciate it. I know I appreciate them.

There is nothing fancy about this joint. The decor in the original Coral Springs location is stuck in the 80s and 90s, but who cares? It’s always clean and I love the vibe. It reminds me of a pizza joint I used to go to with my parents after baseball practice or a football game. Good wholesome vibe.

Consistency is the keyword. Remember to tell the owner George and ALL his hard workers that Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you!

Stay Hungry!





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Pasquale’s Pizza and Subs
Open Sunday through Thursday from 10am – 11pm; Friday and Saturday until 12am. Daily lunch specials Monday through Friday.

Coral Springs South
10337 Royal Palm Boulevard, Coral Springs
North East Corner of Royal Palm
Boulevard and Coral Springs Drive

Coral Springs North
5609 Coral Ridge Drive, Coral Springs
Just South of the Sawgrass Expressway
on The East Side of Coral Ridge Drive

Coconut Creek
4690 North State Road 7, Coconut Creek
Just North of Wiles Rd
on the East Side of State Road 7


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