Coral Springs SRO’s Get Body Cameras This School Year

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Courtesy Axon.

By Hank McCoy

School Resource Officers are getting body cameras as the Coral Springs Police Department continues to expand their technological capabilities.

On September 2, the city commission approved 30 body cameras for SRO’s with a total five-year cost of $199,693.75.  This was funded using a combination of forfeiture, or LETF, and budgeted funds as well as a $300,000 federal grant. The purchase will complete CSPD’s move for body cameras on all of their officers in the department.  

Officers have already been trained to use the body cam’s, so once they’re deployed on school campuses, they’ll be immediately put to use. 

CSPD currently has 150 body cameras in use by officers.

“This purchase will ensure that our SRO’s are wearing body cameras when they are called to respond to a call for service,” Chief Clyde Parry explained, “The SRO’s won’t have the cameras on actively recording throughout the day.”

Per the policy of CSPD, officers only use their body cameras when they’re dispatched to a call and during investigations. There isn’t enough server space and manpower to keep the body cam’s on at all times.  

Once CSPD orders the body cameras, there’s usually a six to eight week turnaround time before the cameras will be in the field.

The five-year contract also takes into account the 30 body cameras being purchased from Axon Enterprises Inc. will need to be replaced in four years. 

CSPD was one of the last agencies in Broward County to purchase body cameras for its officers.

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