Police K-9 Event in Coral Springs Showcases Award Winners

{Photos by Jim Donnelly}

By Jim Donnelly

The public is invited to the Super Bowl of all K-9 shows Thursday, March 23, at 6 pm at Coral Glades High School Stadium, where The United States Police Canine Association [USPCA] Region 1 for demonstrations and awards.

More than 100 police K-9 teams from Florida, Georgia, and Alabama have been competing in the event starting in Coconut Creek. 

Scotty Leamon, the spokesperson for the Coconut Creek Police Department, said, “This is a pretty prestigious event. It’s a regional event, and it will bring in the best of the best.”  

The USPCA is the leading police canine certification in the industry, emphasizing obedience, agility, and attention to detail in training. Each event will test the dog’s ability, communication with its handler, and overall skill.

The free events have been taking place at Monarch High and Sable Pines and Tradewinds Parks, where the judges examine how well and fast the dog obeys its handler. 

At 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, near the track of Monarch High School, they will be firing blank gunshots. The competition starts will run until early afternoon. 

Demonstrations will be performed on Thursday at 2700 Sportsplex Drive in Coral Springs, where awards will be given out.

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