Popular Restaurant Opening A New Location Near Coral Springs


By Ryan Yousefi

As of now, Coral Springs residents craving Chick-fil-A instinctively got in their cars and headed to the restaurants Ramblewood location on University Drive. For many, that will soon change as the popular chicken-centric chain plans on opening a new location just outside city limits.

The new location is set to be located at 4670 N State Road 7 in Coconut Creek, resting on the east side of 441 just north of Wiles Road. The new location is already listed on the Georgia-based company’s website.

Ron Malanowski, an eagle-eyed North Coral Springs resident, snapped a picture of the mystery skeleton structure and did a little investigating. It turns out, the plain bare-faced building he was looking at was set to be an unmistakable fast food location soon.

I noticed the construction about a month or so ago,” Malanowski said. “I didn’t see a sign as to what was being built, so I became somewhat inquisitive. I googled the name of the shopping center and stumbled upon a website for the construction company that listed it as a Chick-fil-A project.”

Malanowski says he’s been keeping track of the progress ever since he first spotted it. He also says, like many, he believes the location will be insanely busy, as most Chick-fil-A’s tend to be, before, he hopes, it dies down a bit.

For those familiar with the popular Ramblewood location, this is welcome news. While the restaurant employees drive-thru workers inside and out, sharing a parking lot with the neighboring Shadowood Mobil has been chaotic at times during peak hours.

The hope is now that the new Coconut Creek location takes some burden off the old trusty Ramblewood spot just as the drive-thru Starbucks location at Sample and University took some pressure off the almost-packed older location at The Walk.

Chick-fil-A — famously closed on Sundays for religious reasons — operates just over 2,300 locations nationwide. The restaurant has become the most successful brand per location, profit-wise, thanks in large part to their dedication to a simple menu of chicken-inspired items customers can’t get enough of.

While there is no word on an opening day for the new location as of yet, we’ll keep readers posted when one is announced.

Until then, get ready to “Eat Mor Chikin”.

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