Riverside Elementary in Coral Springs Celebrates Freedom Week


By: Golden Johansson

The students of Riverside Elementary’s Multiage K/1 class in Coral Springs celebrated Freedom Week in quite an artistic way.  Freedom Week is part of our Common Core Curriculum which is the last full week in September. The 40 students, ages 5 & 6, created a beautiful American flag by using their little hands and feet all while learning about our flag.

Each hand print represents each one of our 50 states while the 13 stripes, red and white, symbolizes our original 13 colonies. The children loved this project! It was a fun way to teach the children about how each one of us, regardless of our background, make up the United States. The children discussed what the flag means to them.  The flag is currently hung in the cafeteria where all the students, faculty and staff can enjoy.

On Wednesday evening, Riverside Elementary had it’s annual Grandparent’s Night. All of the grandparents, some even veterans, loved seeing the flag.

Mrs Sloan and Mrs King are the teachers for the two Multiage classes. Golden Johansson, Katie Verlsteffen and Chezerin Jusino were the parents who facilitated the project.

Riverside Elementary is located at 11450 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071.


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