Scott Brook Wins Coral Springs Election for Mayor

Scott Brook Wins Coral Springs Election for Mayor

Scott Brook

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Shortly after Skip Campbell’s death was announced, former mayor Scott Brook made no secret that he wanted to be the next mayor of Coral Springs.

Tonight, his wish came true after he won the seat once again.

After serving as a city commissioner in 2002 and then as mayor from 2006 to 2010, Brook won with 37 percent of the vote.  

With only 8,098 voting in the special election, residents cast 3,075 votes for Brook, 2,290 for Metayer, 2,288 for Boccard and 444 for Gardner.

A father of five children and grandfather to three boys, Brook advocates for families and parents at his Coral Springs law firm. He grew up in New York City and graduated with a BS and MBA from Tulane University and went on to earn his law degree from the University of Miami in 1992. 

A 21-year resident, Brook lives in Mariner’s Cove after moving to Coral Springs after meeting his wife and her three children. 

Brook said that one of his major commitments is to complete the downtown area, and wants it done with a greater sense of urgency.  He wants to exceed the proposed area on the SW corner of Sample Road and University Drive and work with both the city and developers about the completion.

He also is a proponent of medical marijuana dispensaries because residents “voted loud and clear” to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries. He said he would make sure these are regulated and do not pose obstacles to a growing local economy.

Brook believes property taxes need to be kept low. 

“Aspirationally, it would be great if we could if we could lower taxes.” 

With over $181,000 in federal tax liens on his property, he has more reasons than most taxpayers to keep them at a minimum.


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