Shooting Victim’s Family Raises Funds for ‘Meadow’s Garden and Playground’

Shooting Victim's Family Raises Funds for 'Meadow's Garden and Playground'

Meadow Pollack and her father Andrew. From Meadow’s Movement.

By: Carly Levy

After losing their daughter Meadow Pollack to a school shooter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, her family, with the help of the community, wanted to create a playground and garden in her memory.

Meadow, 18, was a senior at the Parkland school who believed in helping people. She had with dreams of becoming a lawyer and planned on attending Lynn University in the fall.  This changed in a moment after a school shooter took her life along with the lives of 16 others.

Instead of sitting at a cemetery, her father Andrew Pollack had a vision of sitting on a bench seeing children having fun and enjoying themselves in a playground. To help make this dream a reality, he contacted his longtime friend, Rabbi Avraham Friedman of the Chabad of Coral Springs, who helped start him on his path to use his voice to promote school safety.

When Governor Scott visited the Chabad of Coral Springs about ideas for school improvement, Rabbi Friedman personally asked him to arrange a meeting between Pollack and President Trump. Governor Scott said to Rabbi Friedman “I’m gonna make it happen.”

After discussing Pollack’s vision of the proposed playground, Chabad of Coral Springs was willing to help make this dream become a reality by providing space for the playground south of the building where the Chabad is located.

“I strongly feel that this will definitely help bring healing and comfort to the community where they have a place where they can come and reflect on Meadow’s life and have a good time together,” said Rabbi Friedman.

Shooting Victim's Family Raises Funds for 'Meadow's Garden and Playground'

Photo by: Mark Rothenberg

The fundraiser asks for donations from corporate sponsors as well as the community to help raise the funds for “the nicest park in Broward County for my princess,” said Pollack.

Ever since the death of his daughter, Pollack has made it his mission to speak to every governor in the country to prevent other families from going through what he went through. Pollack, as well as other parents, have helped pass Senate Bill 7026 to raise the gun ownership age to 21, appoint volunteer school employees to be school guardians and three-day waiting period limits on shotgun and rifle purchases.

So far, Meadow’s Garden and Playground has raised a portion of their million dollar goal. To donate, please go to Meadow’s Garden and Playground or make a check out to Meadows Gardens and drop off or mail to the Chabad of Coral Springs 3925 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065.

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