Coral Springs’ Destiny Rayne Releases New Single

Destiny Rayne’s latest single, “Shouldn’t We.”

By Agrippina Fadel

Destiny Rayne did not expect the lucky break she received at The Voice audition in 2019.

The singer who grew up in Coral Springs and moved to Nashville three years ago to pursue a career in music said, “the best things happen when you least expect it.” 

On August 5, Rayne dropped a new Spanglish single, “Shouldn’t We,” and says her fans have a lot more to look forward to.

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In 2017, Rayne auditioned for NBC’s The Voice at an open call in Chicago but did not make it through. Two years later, she received an email about the show’s open mic night in Los Angeles and, after sending her tape, got an invitation to audition in front of The Voice judges instead.

She sang Adele’s “To Make You Feel My Love,” and John Legend and Gwen Stefani both turned their chairs for her. 

Although Rayne did not win, she said the experience was still one of the best things that happened to her because of all the doors it opened for her.

“If someone would have told me that was possible, I would not have believed them. I was at a point in my life when I thought that door was closed. The feeling of getting that second chance was incredible,” she said, adding that the show allowed her to find herself as an artist, gain experience and learn from some of the best in the industry.

“It was a dream come true,” said Rayne, who started singing when she was three and got serious about music after performing in the talent show in the third grade. 

“A teacher complimented my performance, and my mom said, ‘ok, we will invest in your singing.'”

A Calvary Christian Academy graduate, Rayne said her childhood in Coral Springs was happy and “full of light.”

“I know it sounds cheesy, but I feel like everyone I met when I was living there was a good person, and I loved the sunshine. I have lifelong friends and some extended family who still live in Coral Springs,” she said, adding that although her parents had moved to Chattanooga, TN, to be closer, South Florida still feels like home.

After her stint on The Voice, she had a chance to perform at Johnny Cash’s old barn in Nashville with other show’s alums.

Then she met her producer KWIL, who had success in writing and producing for many artists, including Echosmith, Nick Carter, Raelynn, Newsboys, and Quinn Lewis.

“We wrote a ton of songs together. He really invested in my artist side and helped me hone in on my sound,” said Rayne.

She changed her stage name to DESTÍNA to get in touch with her Hispanic roots. Rayne said she was “digging into her Mexican heritage” with her music, and a lot of her songs had Spanish incorporated. She added that her music is inspired by Camilla Cabello and J. Balvin and described her style as a mix of pop and R&B.

Planning to release more new music, including one single a month until the end of the year, Rayne has a few shows planned in Nashville. 

“I have done a lot of groundwork in the past few years, and now I am coming forward with everything I have been working on,” she added.

Instead of concentrating on performing, Rayne has collaborated with other artists and songwriters, including on Manwell’s “Tranquila” track. She also has worked on music for TV and film and wrote songs for other artists.

Destiny Rayne sang “To Make You Feel My Love” in 2019 during the Blind Auditions of The Voice.

“Now I feel like I have my sound and my content, and I am ready to perform,” she said, adding that if Coral Springs ever extends an invitation to play a show at a city event, she will “100 percent accept.”

Rayne’s new single, “Shouldn’t We,” available on Spotify and YouTube, is a fun summer jam about falling in love. 

“It is about being spontaneous and living in the moment,” she explained. “When you are out on the town and not expecting to find someone, and you end up meeting someone who changes your whole idea of love and what you even wanted in life. So, you say, “shouldn’t we just fall in love?”

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