Smile Clinic of Coral Springs Offers $300 Braces and Other Specials for Grand Opening

Smile Team Clinic Offers $300 Braces and Other Specials to Celebrate their Grand Opening

Raibelliz Leon, Dr. Jasmine Shakibi, Tania Moura and Thayara Moura.

By: Jen Russon

A brand new dental care clinic in Coral Springs is offering metal braces at just $300, during a promotion that launched when Smile Clinic opened its doors in August.

So far, rave reviews have dominated Smile Clinic’s internet presence, with one patient claiming she was so happy she didn’t know what to do.

“I was very nervous, but this turned out to be the best. Anyone else who’s nervous, take it from me: you’re going to be happy at the end,” said a patient just out of her braces.

Also among Smile Clinic’s first patients, Paige Glover was equally effusive, writing in her review: “Dr. Jasmine Shakibi is hands down the most personable doctor Ive ever met.” 

A graduate of Nova Southeastern University, Shakibi owns the facility and can sometimes be found handling the phones herself, chatting with satisfied patients, or soothing those who come in scared.

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She said their ages run the gamut, but it’s never too late to seek treatment for the perfect smile.

The American Association of Orthodontics has reported about one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. An average of 3.5 million people who get braces each year is children and teens.

With as many as one million adults straightening their teeth annually, dentophobia —-or fear of the dentist, is the reason 22 percent wait so long.

According to the ADA, more than double that number are afraid of the cost, with 59 percent of adults who need braces forgoing treatment because they don’t have $6,000 to spend —the average price for braces in 2021.

At the Smile Clinic, compassionate staff quickly abated fears and credited inpatient reviews with helping them finally feel at ease in the chair.

“I loved everything about this place, “ wrote Bia Silva, “I dont like to go to the dentist, but I felt comfortable with their friendly staff. It was professional and clean.”

Rated an average of five stars on Google reviews, others said they felt the free consultation they received at Smile Clinic was thorough and informative, with no hidden or unexpected fees to pay down the road.

The $300 metal braces offered at Smile Clinic during the promotion do not include the 18 to 24 months of adjustments the average patient makes following the installation of the braces.

But on that front, Shakibi and her associates have good news, citing their adult patients typically spend less time in braces than kids because they know exactly what they have to do to ensure treatment works.

“The adults who come to us are going to be really great about wearing that retainer,” said Shakibi, adding she and her team build relationships with patients that span years, leading to referrals of family and friends.

“One of our patients is the mother of two teenaged boys. After she got her braces here, they both came in for whitening and were thrilled with the results,” she said.

Staff at Smile Clinic confirmed the $300 promotion for metal braces and said there is no expiration date at present; however, once the first 100 patients take advantage of the deal, it might not last.

Thayara Moura, hygienist and office manager, said the clinic is private pay. Out-of-pocket charges are less than using dental insurances, with promotions that help them stay so competitive. 

“Our team is like a family that treats our patients like family,” said Moura, adding they speak Portuguese and Spanish at the clinic.

Smile Clinic does teeth whitening, routine checkups, cleanings, and even Botox treatments in addition to affordable braces. One of the few treatments they don’t provide is root canals; however, they are happy to make patient referrals.

Situated around the corner of Phat Boy Sushi and Kitchen at The Walk on University, the clinic comprises four immaculate examining rooms that enable the other two dental professionals, Raibe Leon and Tania Moura, to deliver extraordinary care.

“Our patients’ happiness truly is our top priority. At the end of the day, we leave happy when our patients are happy,” said Moura. 

The Smile Clinic of Coral Springs is located at 2706 North University Drive. Their regular business hours are Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and are open one Saturday each month. To contact the Smile Clinic, call or email the office manager. 

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