Summit Academy Charter School Celebrates First Graduating Class

Graduates were able to take pictures with the balloons at an appropriate social distance.

By Jill Fox

Summit Academy Charter School concluded its inaugural year with a special parade for graduates.

Complete with decorated vehicles, music, and a 2020 balloon backdrop, parents, teachers, and staff went all out to support the inaugural kindergarten and fifth-grade classes.

Summit Academy Charter SchoolPrincipal Gustavo Prats, who began working at the Coral Springs charter school when it opened the location at 11421 NW 56th Dr, this year, said he felt it was necessary to do something special for their first graduating class.

One hundred percent of the school’s faculty and staff were present at the May 29 celebration, which followed social distancing guidelines with the safety of the kids being their number one priority.

In addition to holding a parade for these students, Prats organized virtual award ceremonies for the other grade levels. Students created avatars and were able to walk up onto a virtual stage to receive their awards.

When virtual learning began, Prats said they wanted to go beyond what was expected. In addition to laptop computers, he gave out textbooks for students to utilize at home. Students spent a full-day online with their teachers,

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Summit Academy Charter School

Students created avatars and were able to walk up onto a virtual stage to receive their awards.

According to Prats, his school had a very different dynamic than others, making a massive difference for the parents. He is already working on three different models for next year, including implementing new technology to live stream lessons from the classrooms, should virtual learning continue.

Summit Academy Charter School, which had 190 students enrolled this year, expects 415 in the fall.

Prats said, registered students have the option to take classes online over the summer if parents feel they need them. He wants to give parents the tools to be able to assist their children early on.

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