The “Cook and the Cork” Restaurant Gets a Rave Review


By: Dan I. Cook

It’s really hard to impress me. I eat out all the time and to be honest, I get bored.

I read about this joint “The Cook and the Cork” opening up in my hood – another new restaurant in Coral Springs, and my wife said she wants to check it out. But I’ve become numb with restaurants opening and closing out here.

I’m more interested in going to Carrabba’s to see how the remodeling is going. We compromise and hit Carrabba’s for happy hour and I promise my bride I’ll take her afterwards. I don’t give a crap about this place and would rather shoot the breeze with the servers and cooks at Carrabba’s.

So after a few beers we drive over and pull up. The restaurant is in a building that used to be an animal clinic. I’m like, really? I’m not expecting much at this point. We walk in and its pretty cool inside; Nice bar, cozy tables and the servers seem friendly. They have Brooklyn Brewery on tap, so I order one while my wife orders wine.

I go to the bathroom and what do I see? A cool framed poster of Led Zeppelin hanging on the wall and Led Zeppelin coming over the sound system.  I’m like “Heck Yeah,” I’m starting to dig this place.

After returning, I sit with my wife and start talking to owners Keith and Dena Blauschild. They are a married couple and they seem pretty down to earth. I asked Keith about the Led Zeppelin poster and Keith says he is a big fan and then rolls up his sleeve and shows me a tattoo of Jimmy Page’s signature on his arm. How cool is that?

Then out of the blue he asks me and my wife if we want to see his kitchen. Seriously, how often does that happen?

He gives us a tour and shows us his smoker and walk-in cooler. He opens it up and he shows us some NY Strips that he’s aging and I’m thinking to myself, “This guy doesn’t know me,  and he’s showing me his walk in cooler?” That’s like me giving you a tour of my bedroom and then opening up my dresser drawers for you to inspect. That just doesn’t happen.

The more that Keith talks, I realize that this guy is the real deal. He’s passionate about his food, the fresh ingredients he’s using, and wants to make sure that you the customer knows it. I love this guy. Where has he been all my life? Mind you, I haven’t even tried his food yet.

Owners Keith and Dena Blauschild having fun during the creation of their new restaurant. (photo from their Facebook page)

Owners Keith and Dena Blauschild having fun during the creation of their new restaurant. (photo from their Facebook page)

So we go back and sit at the bar and order a bunch of small plates. My favorites were the Lobster Mac and Cheese, the Tempura Shrimp, the Steak Skewers, and the Chicken and Waffles. The wasabi cream on the Tempura Shrimp was delicious. It had a hint of honey which balanced out the flavors. The waffles and chicken followed the same road: Sweet and savory. Again great balance.

The food blew my mind. This is no joke, his food is forward thinking and was outstanding. I told my wife these owners are sitting on a gold mine. This is the type of place Coral Springs and Parkland is desperately in need of – a hip, casual, non cookie-cutter restaurant that can deliver the goods.

The only issue that I think needs work are that the servers need to know the menu better. That’s minor especially since they have only been open since June 20.

Now this is what sucks about this place – telling you about it. I’m obligated to, especially since I haven’t had WOW moment in my hometown in awhile. Doesn’t matter, sooner or later you would find about this place. So I can’t be greedy and keep the place for ourselves.

You need to come here. When you do, remember to tell them Dan and Coral Springs Talk sent you.

Stay Hungry!





I give it 4 beers

One=needs work
Zero=sucks. No beer is never a good thing

The Cook and the Cork

9890 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, Florida 33065
(954) 227-2665


Monday & Tuesday: Chef’s days off
Wednesday & Thursday: Bar from 4:30/ dinner from 5:30
Friday & Saturday: Bar from 4:30/ dinner from 5:30
Sunday: Brunch coming soon
FOR RESERVATIONS Call 954-227-2665 or email:

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