Wild Fork Foods: ‘Meat’ the New Place to Shop in Coral Springs

Wild Fork Foods: 'Meat' the New Place to Shop in Coral Springs

NY Strip Steaks from Wild Fork Foods.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs shoppers are a selective bunch, so with the opening of a new meat-only store, the “steaks” are high.

Based out of Miami, the recently opened Wild Fork Foods brings the butcher shop to residents through their retail location  – or convenient home delivery.

Setting out to transform the way customers shop and consume meat, Wild Fork Foods controls every step of the process from farm to fork to make sure customers get the highest quality, biggest selection, and most consistent eating experience.

According to spokesperson Leyli Sobhani, Wild Fork Foods began their concept three years in the US, then a mobile store was launched in February 2018 in South Miami. In November 2018, they opened their first retail store in Fort Lauderdale, followed by Coral Springs and Coral Gables in December 2018.

Wild Fork Foods said it sources its beef from the best slow feeders from Nebraska and Colorado and age it in a climate-controlled environment for 17 days, enhancing the flavor and tenderness.  They also age their pork a minimum of eight days which they state is an industry first. Then the meats go through a snap freezing process which reduces crystallization and maintains juiciness, preserving the flavor and tenderness.

Items include chicken and poultry; desserts and bread; fish and seafood; lamb; pork; sausage burgers and meatballs; specialty meats; spices and sauces; and vegetables and fruits.

They even has an executive chef on staff who develops their sauces and spices and looks over their product portfolio, which includes over 500 “snap frozen” products, 300 of which are meats and seafood.

Sobhani said that the Wild Fork way is truly the freshest of the fresh. 

“Come try us at least one time, and I’m sure you’ll come back a second time.” 

Currently, they are providing free home delivery until January 31, 2019 – so customers can buy online and have food delivered right to their doorstep.    

Wild Fork Foods

The Walk
2874 University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33065


Monday – Sunday 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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