Women Wanted for Allegedly Stealing Cellphones from Employees at Local Businesses

Help identify these women

Help identify these women – Surveillance photos courtesy Eagle Eyecare

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Police are asking for your help identifying two women wanted in connection to cellphones stolen from employees working at several Coral Springs businesses.

Eagle Eyecare

At approximately 10:04 a.m. on August 30, two black females entered Eagle Eyecare at 1380 Coral Ridge Drive and proceeded to the front desk. According to the police report, one woman stood in such a way they could observe everything behind the counter where the employees were working.

One of the women identified herself as “Kia Smith” with a date of birth of September 13, 1989 and made an eye exam appointment with the doctor for herself and her daughter, “Kayla Smith” born May 13, 2000, who was not present.

During this time, the other woman walked to the far end of the counter where employee Nazneen Davena Rahman was sitting, but had gotten up and left her Galaxy S6 cellphone behind the counter. The woman waited until everyone was distracted and reached over the counter taking the phone from where Rahman placed it. Soon, both women left the business.

Rahman didn’t realize the phone, valued at $700, was missing until an hour later. She reviewed surveillance footage of the store security cameras and then discovered the theft and called police. She attempted to locate the phone remotely, however, it had been turned off.

Jatem Boutique Women’s Clothing

cellphonethief2On that same day at approximately 11:30 a.m., Store Manager Jennifer Radnay advised police that two black females were shopping in her store and were not known clients. She said that one was in her early 20’s and 5 foot 6 inches tall with a tight fitting orange shirt and jeans. The other female was in her late 20’s and 6 feet tall with a gray tight tank and also wearing jeans. Both had their hair tied back in ponytails.

Radnay stated she heard her iPhone on the counter receive a text message. She left a client in the dressing room to respond to it, and afterwards she left it back on the store counter to return to the customer. That was when she said that the two women left. She even advised them of new inventory and to come back again tomorrow, to which the women acted normally.

Radnay soon discovered that her phone had been stolen and no other customers had entered the store. She went outside to look for the women, but they were gone. She attempted to call her phone, valued at $600, but it was turned off. According to the owner, there is no surveillance recording in the store, only a live feed.


cellphonethief3While police were investigating Jatem Boutique, they were notified by dispatch that the GNC located at 6059 Coral Ridge Drive was reporting that their store clerk’s iPhone 6 was stolen.

Sergio Yibirin stated that two black females in their early to late 20’s wearing tight clothing were in his store. As he was helping one wearing a light green shirt, the other headed towards the back of the store. The women soon left the store stating, “Let’s go to Walmart.”

He didn’t notice until approximately 20 minutes later that his phone had been stolen from the counter. The phone, worth $600, was already turned off when he had his wife contact his provider. The store does not have video surveillance.

Units responded to the Walmart to look for the suspects, however, were unsuccessful

If you recognize any of the women pictured here, please contact Coral Springs Police at (954) 344-1800 or Crimestoppers 954-493-TIPS.

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