Coral Springs Holds “Importance of Voting Poster Contest” For Local Students

Photo by Jacel Egan

Photo by Jacel Egan

By: Chris Brunner

The children of today may be the future voters of tomorrow, but they can make a difference now by encouraging others to vote this November 8 by creating and entering “The Importance of Voting Poster Contest.”

The City of Coral Springs Customer-Involved Government Committee is hosting the contest for all Coral Springs students grades K–12 –  including home-schooled students. First, second and third place winners in each grade division will have their poster duplicated for display at City facilities and other locations and will receive a certificate of recognition at a future City Commission Meeting.

All participants will receive a free one-day pass to the Coral Springs Museum of Art. All entries must be received at City Hall by October 21,  at 5 p.m.  For more information and specifications, visit

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  • Jess

    These events seem like a lot of fun, but don’t help as much as you think. Many of these teens don’t understand anything about American Gov. or foreign policy. If I have to convince you about the importance of voting, then I’d rather not have you anywhere near the ballot box. I’d rather have an electorate that has done careful research and is knowledgable about the facts, then some kid who votes because they think it’s “cool”.

  • kilroy

    this is a sham … these kids only ‘ vote ‘ or root for the candidate their ‘ teacher ‘ tells them to root for… they do not know anything about the politics of it…. like these kids even know what tax rate their own parents are in… laughable…

    • tjb

      Do you think their parents will release their tax info especially if they are under an audit. Go ask Trump for the answer? Also as Rudy G has been stating all morning — people ( i am sure children are included) would not be able understand a tax return.