Former Marine Posing as Wounded Combat Veteran


By: Sharon Aron Baron

What started as a feel-good story about a wounded combat veteran and his service dog, turned out to be a pandora’s box of deceit as information was uncovered by military activists who found evidence that the veteran was lying about his service.

Coral Springs resident Jarrett Gimbl, claims that he was injured while on active duty overseas, suffering from post traumatic stress disorder while struggling with a traumatic brain injury.

Gimbl runs a Facebook page dedicated to Gunny, his service dog, which has over 12,000 followers. The story is that Gunny assisted him with the difficulty of adjusting to civilian life from his combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. The followers of the page are very involved with his story, offering him support and assistance. After all, this was a man who sustained injuries while serving all of us.

It makes a fantastic story. Unfortunately, it is just that – a story.

Initially, when speaking with Gimbl,  I wanted to know more about his Guardians of Rescue and GoFundMe page for service dogs for vets. His Go Fund Me page is trying to raise $5,000 to help a fellow Marine acquire a service dog from a breeder in Arkansas.  However, he seemed extremely suspicious as to how I got his name, asking me several times how I was able to contact him. When I asked him about his rank, he told me he was a Sergeant in the Marines and that he was injured in combat, but didn’t want to discuss it.

“I’m not getting into details. My whole right face is a titanium plate. I served overseas and I’m disabled,” he said.  He also told me that he receives treatment at the VA Hospital, and that he was honorably discharged.

When  talking with Gimbl, I asked him what countries he served in and he refused to tell me. Then later in the conversation he said, “I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan.” However, he would not disclose how or where he received his injuries. His Gunny-Service Dog Facebook page says that he was injured while on active duty.  An article that was written about him in the New York Post also says that he was injured on duty in Iraq.

Jarrett Gimbl’s discharge papers tell another story entirely. His DD214 says Gimbl never served overseas.

After doing an online search, I spoke with Retired U.S. Army Infantry Platoon Sgt Jonn Lilyea who served in Desert Storm and is editor for This Ain’t Hell, a site that exposes military frauds. He provided me with discharge papers that he obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Lilyeah said his readers became suspicious of Gimbl after seeing him on a segment on FOX News and afterwards, a writer named Scott Hughes did an investigation.

“A lot of my readers are standing in line at the VA,” said Lilyea. “People are revered now for their military service and people like him are taking advantage of that.”

Jarrett Gimbl's discharge papers say he did not serve overseas. (click to make larger)

Jarrett Gimbl’s discharge papers say he did not serve overseas. (click to make larger)

Jarrett Gimbl called him in September video here upset about the information that Lilyeah uncovered, demanding he take it down. His voice is mumbling and he denies any stolen valor. He threatened that he would put Lilyeah’s number all over his Facebook page.

“You pissed off the wrong Marine. I stand by my core values,” yelled Gimbl.

“People that lie about their military service are sociopaths,” said Lilyeah to me.

During my interview, Gimbl told me he was a Sergeant in the Marines. His DD214 says he was only a Private E-1.

Gimbl also told me he served for six years. He wrote on his Linkedin page that he served for three years and nine months yet his DD214 said it was only four months.  This makes the total amount of time that Gimbl served in the Marines 15 months including basic training and his Primary Military Occupational Specialty or PMOS.

This is disheartening,” said Ryan Michael Reiter of Coral Springs who enlisted at age 20, served in the Al Anbar Province in Iraq and is now a Sergeant in Individual Ready Reserves.

“Fortunately no one in my unit came back with any injuries from Iraq, but we were fortunate.  Some of the Marines I look up to dealt with actual combat stress.  When someone like this tries to pose and feed off people’s sympathy, it gives a bad taste to folks who really want to help,” said Reiter who added. “If he actually has a claim in the VA system, this is unfortunate as there’s already a backlog.”

And now for the rest of the story.

Being shared on Facebook is a post by Master Sergeant Jonathan Braca with the U.S. Marine Corps.  I verified with him that he did send out this warning to others about Gimbl:


“Please share this with your Marine Corps League liaisons throughout New England, as well as any other veteran service groups and organizations within the area:

The case: Jarrett Gimbl is a volunteer representative for Paws of War, an organization that provides rescue animals to combat-wounded veterans in need. While Paws of War is a reputable non-profit organization with good cause, Gimbl is marketing the cause by representing himself as a wounded Sergeant of Marines. Gimbl has said in several written and on-air news pieces that he was wounded by an IED in Afghanistan. According to Gimbl, he sustained se-vere blast injuries to his face that required extensive surgical intervention.

A Marine who has seen many veterans with injuries from IED's said this wasn't the result of an IED.

A Marine who has seen many veterans with injuries from IED’s said this wasn’t the result of an IED.

The truth: The real story is that he was released via court martial for failing a urinalysis at the joint service artillery school at Ft Sill, OK. While on holiday leave, Gimbl used cocaine and returned to Ft Sill to a command-mandated urinalysis. Gimbl was demoted from Private First Class to Private and sent home prior to his administrative separation. Shortly after his return, he was jumped outside a White Castle restaurant and struck in the face with a baseball bat. His total time of active duty service was 4 months. All of this information has been verified at HQMC level.

The situation: Gimbl is masquerading as a combat-wounded Marine Sergeant with 8 years under his belt. He continues to represent Paws of War in an unofficial capacity; however, the organization was notified of his false identity. He may continue to represent himself as a wounded Marine and attach himself to veteran causes in the New England area. Gimbl may also appeal for special assistance and charitable proceeds specifically designed for the wounded veteran population. Gimbl’s Facebook profile features many indications of his pseu-do-Marine Corps career, as well as a membership to a Recon Marine community group on the site. It is unknown at this time if Gimbl has enrolled himself with the MCL, VFW, or any other veteran organization, though one would presume he has already made it under the wire.

Remain vigilant against those who channel veterans’ causes for personal gain and notoriety. Real Marines don’t do this sort of thing. Real combat veterans run to the sound of the gun rather than the glow of the spotlight. Real wounded veterans never chose how they got hurt because it sounded “cool”. Our veterans don’t need actors portraying their challenges or experiences. See to it that we keep our honor clean by ending Jarrett Gimbl’s acting career.”

Master Sergeant Jonathan Braca
Injury Support SNCOIC,
Northeast Region Wounded Warrior Regiment United States Marine Corps
203-xxx-xxxx mobile

Jarrett Gimbl's dog wears a harness that says "Service Dog. Disabled Service Veteran"

Jarrett Gimbl’s dog wears a harness that says “Service Dog. Disabled Service Veteran”

According to an active duty Marine who wished to remain anonymous, Gimbl was treated and released in one day from a scuffle outside of a White Castle.  If he did in fact have a metal plate in his head, then that would have to be the quickest surgery and recovery ever.  

“I have seen IED injuries, and there is no such thing as a blunt force trauma from an IED,” said the Marine. “ It looked like he was tuned up.” 

“Tuned up?” I asked.

“Meaning he got struck in the face.”

So maybe Gimbl was injured, and has PTSD from it.  But that still doesn’t excuse him from bringing his service dog everywhere with the harness that says Disabled Service Veteran. Or by telling others he was injured in combat.

It could be that he has PTSD after being assaulted, which would be understandable as many victims of violence have it.  I also believe that his dog has offered him great comfort, for whatever emotional issues he may have. But to continue lying and embellishing his service is no excuse.

Sadly, the Marine told me there is nothing that they can do.  Only the community can get involved.

“When a person misrepresents themselves for personal gain, it detracts from those that need the resources.  Hopefully he won’t get involved with activities for personal gain.”

Other sources:

This Ain’t Hell

Stolen Valor Offenders Exposed

Gunny Service Dog

Go Fund Me




























About Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Michael Maynard

    This sorry POS needs another White Castle meeting.

  • Jack halcomb

    I can tell you this, there is no way that’s from an explosive device. Your more than Welcomb to check out my service. As an Ordnance man in the Navy I’ve worked with Airforce, Marines and Army. I’ve done both aircrew, flattop navy and the gator Navy” aka Amphibous. I know cause I’ve been there. Thanks a good ole fashion tune up plain and simple.

    • davidfromengland

      Self praise is no praise at all.

  • Willoughbilly

    I feel bad that dog has to live with such a scumbag.

  • Scout Trooper

    I always hate these stories even more when there is a dog involved. Is that odd, or weird? Maybe I’m just a goofy sentimental kind a person. But the dog, it looks up to, worships, would die for, and it’s whole world is that human. Such loyalty and devotion wasted. And that dog doesn’t care one bit if you are a war hero, or office clerk, it loves you just the same. Maybe I am touched in the head.

  • Bob Connely

    Even the dog looks a bit embarrassed.

  • Shadowjack1965

    Total POS. Claiming anything more than what YOU earned while wearing that uniform is a disgrace.

  • mike

    Ok so I’m not sticking up for him or not. So no one take it this way. I just want facts. Look at the supposed real dd214. Dates don’t match up at all. It says he has a good conduct, which means he was in for over three years no njps. It also shows he graduated his mos school, which means he wasn’t on boot leave and get kicked out. Now like I said this isn’t to pick. Fight with anyone in any way. Just trying to get facts here. And ps if I spelled something wrong sorry

    • Dennis Harless

      You are misreading the story and the DD 214. He was on Holiday leave over Christmas. When he coked up, His recruit training was about 11 weeks From July 30th to about the end of Oct h, After 10 days leave he would have been sent to MCT/SOI for a bit more field training, depending on when that 29 day course ended he would have attended from about the middle of November to Mid December, Then he would have been given leave before he had to report to Artillery school in Fort Silll Okahoma, Since most courses dont start between mid-December and the new years he would have reported in the first week of January, He took a urinalysis and it came back positive. Some time in the first half of the year he was given a special courtmartial, busted and given a Bad Conduct Discharge, All bad conduct discharges must be reviewed by a higher judge advocate. This may take up to a year, so instead of having the Marine draw pay they are sent home to await the outcome of the review. They still have a temporary ID and rate SGLI and medical benifits. This is where Gimbl was when he was beaten. Since he was on Active duty his injury is “service related” and he can get VA treatment for the effects of THAT SPECIFIC CONDITION ONLY.
      As far as your comment on him getting a good conduct medal…it is not in his awards block….. the good conduct comment you see at the bottom of his DD214 has a portion to the right blacked out. The entire entry or Abreviation would be Good Conduct Medal Commencment Date ( or the abreviation GCM Com Date) and the date of his last punitive action.

  • mike

    So you won’t post my comment

    • Al

      I’ve got to agree with Mike. What wrong with the DD-214? I am looking at mine, and the supplied one seems very screwy. Looks like almost 8 years to me. I really hope that more actual facts were used before launching spears. Sometimes people get so wrapped up on proving something, they neglect actual proof.

      • johnnyz1269

        You’re reading it wrong. Date entered was 7/30/07, date separated was 11/07/08. He was in for a little over a year.

  • Why can’t we just beat the living crap out of these POSERS when we see them…they are a blight and disgrace

  • Cheryl

    I can tell you for sure. He is a liar, a con artist and a robber. He will lie lie lie to get his drugs. He must be caught and arrested and serve time….

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      I rented a room
      From this lady she defended me everyday until I broke lease because she tried to steal my dog and abuse him.
      She also uses illegal drugs from
      Her “Church going” friends

      She wanted me to lie to her church and state I was poor so they would give her more money,
      I power washed her house, re Kaye’s the bricks for her back deck and cleaned her sliding doors.

      I had enough of her
      I would work full time and she would text over 65 times a day!!!

      You should hear the voicemails from her or the pictures of her drunk on the front lawn and the neighbors and to pick her up

      Great Florida nurse who self medicates.

      • A_Proud_Infidel

        A Google search on your name says a lot. Your fraud has been exposed on multiple websites.

  • Jay

    Except your story is a lie and your DD214 shows you were a private right. One of your unit members outed you buddy, face it.

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      Face what that these records are fake and are not mine? Negative I will continue helping veterans

      • Jay

        Year later, probably still scamming people. Don’t bother to help vets. They don’t need your kind of help.

  • Dennis Harless

    I’ve already pointed out that you have service connected disability for the specific injury you recieved while on appelate leave, You got your play-dough looking face smashed in. You don’t have full Va coverage,, you can only go there if you have a problem with the teeth you had cracked act up. I saw the medical form you got the last time you went to the VA on your facebook. You tried to use that as proof that you were a legit combat vet, Even though you blocked out the reason you went the nedication you were prescribed was Ibuprofen and antibiotics, You also started a GoFundMe to get a service dog for a Marine Vet named Karl Moore. He did not recieve a penny from the Go-Fund Me you set up. You are lower than whale feces. You constantly try to get people to feel sorry for you and give you money. You were begging for money on Facebook last fall to go to a funeral in New England. You have had people start petitions asking for the VA to give you full medical coverage and a disability pension. You don’t deserve either. As far as your service record A Freedom of Information Act form will show exactly what you did you punk. Or are you saying St Louis got that wrong Too?

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      Post my read records these are not mine and that marine got his dog


    • Jarrett Gimbl

      That’s funny because my new va letter states 80%

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      And what funereal?
      I lived in New England last fall! If not my parents do!

      So know idea once again what you are talking about

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      That marine received the money well half because he wanted to use it for personal use and not the dog so it was giving to another vet in AZ who got a dog
      Oh well that marine got a free flight to and from and drove back and wanted the money for the car ride

      He thanked our FB page for getting him the dog for free after three pegs turned him down and no I know why he was tunred down

      • Dennis Harless

        Name the Marine In Az who you directly gave funds to?

        • Jarrett Gimbl

          Army and it was posted months ago

          • Dennis Harless

            His name was Army? … that should be easy to verify…

          • Dennis Harless

            Name and city,,,,have him contact the reporter or folks who are calling you out,,, oh. let me guess.. you don’t want to say who it was or you lost his info.

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    NO, o lying little flaming-pants Swamp Donkey, you’ve been exposed by HOW MANY Stolen Valor sites by now? THE INTERNET IS FOREVER o lying little creampuff!

  • A_Proud_Infidel

    A Google search on your name says a lot, your fraud has been exposed through other outlets, Gimbl. The Internet is forever!

  • Jarrett Gimbl

    That’s the thing it’s one sight…and copied and Oates it’s awesome because my srb and med records say dofferbt

    • Fjones


      This is great, thanks for publishing your official VA record. Just FYI your record indicates Combat Code 1. VA Manual M21-1, Part
      VI, Chapter 3, Para 3.17 indicates Combat Codes 1 thru 4:
      Code 1: not incurred from combat
      Code 2: one or more compensable combat-incurred conditions
      Code 3: one or more non-compensable combat-incurred conditions
      Code 4: one or more combat-incurred conditions with mixed compensable eligibility

      By your VA rating letter alone, you have confirmed you were not wounded in combat. You’re going to have to answer about fabricating your combat service.

      The characterization of your service (honorable) is not the issue here. The root issue is how you are portraying yourself to others, who are all finding themselves each time you run your mouth about “been there and done that”.

      Something to consider: How did NY Daily News writer Rheana Murray, Newsday writer Martin Evans, New York Post writer Rebecca White, and Coral Springs writer Sharon Baron all come up with the same conclusion you served in Iraq and Afghanistan? The reason: you. You are the one telling everyone you are who you are not. Do you expect anyone to believe that all of these people constructed your back story the same way without your say-so? You are the reason for all the heat you receive.

      This is going to be harder to erase that your facebook website, which any dissenting opinion is promptly extinguished by you, because you won’t face truth, and you certainly can’t tell it either. How’s that JJDIDTIEBUCKLE working for you now?? A man who doesn’t hone up is no Marine, period. Matter of fact, you’re barely a Marine, and MOS school doesn’t count for FMF so quit trying. You got found out while embellishing your service. You have a fleet of aging shut-ins as facebook fans. You refer to yourself in 3rd person on your page, and I don’t doubt you use the site for producing fake iPhone messages either because your fans are mindless.

      Compare all these. Are you prepared to say you never spoke to ANY of these writers?

    • Fjones


      Thank you for sharing this VA record of disability, which you have offered under your own power, as you stand by its authenticity.

      Within the record you provided, you see what is known as a ‘Combat Code’. VA Manual M21-1, Part VI, Chapter 3, Para 3.17 indicates the four (4) entries inherent of this particular field, and I will list them:

      Combat Code 1: condition not combat incurred
      Combat Code 2: one or more combat-incurred conditions eligible for compensation
      Combat Code 3: one or more combat-incurred conditions, ineligible for compensation
      Combat Code 4: one or more combat-incurred conditions with mixed compensatory eligibility

      By offering this record, you have attested that your injuries were not sustained in combat.

      So how did Coral Springs Sharon Baron, New York Post Rebecca White, Newsday’s Martin Evans, and NY Daily News writer Rheana Evans all report that you served in Iraq and Afghanistan, with 2 of the 4 writers indicating your head injury occurred in combat? The reason? You. You are the one making this fabrication, which is the REAL issue you are being called to address. The focus isn’t your honorable discharge (which was really a mistake anyways); it’s how you are projecting yourself as a combat-wounded veteran, over and over again. Everyone you are lying to are finding themselves in virtual platforms all over. Think back on everyone you told about your combat service, because it’s that many people who need to hear the truth.

      Posting to this page is great because you are afraid to confront the truth of your career on your facebook site. Anyone who is disagreeable to you gets their post removed by you, which is a real easy way for you to sustain your lies. Your fan base is a league of aging shut-ins, you refer to yourself in 3rd person which is the mark of a narcissist, and you post iPhone messages that read like your daily posts (using that fake iPhone message site much?). How’s your JJDIDTIE BUCKLE working out for you? I’m Army but I’m pretty sure this refers to Marine Corps leadership ethics. Have a good long talk with yourself and see how well you track with what you proclaim.

      And quit offering redacted documents. You can remove your SSN, DOB, place of entry, but your DD214 says more than “honorable” and you know that. Lying and embellishing your service is decidedly dishonorable.

      • Jarrett Gimbl

        I have 3,000 pages
        Not one of these new people have ever spoke to me.
        Just like this story, I never spoke to this person!

        Find one article where I said combat!

        • Kay

          Wait so you didn’t serve combat but claim a TBI and PTSD? Did you fall off a tank twinkle toes? Drop your Sartbucks and hit your head on the butt of your rifle? While some can certainly develop PTSD from non combat related situations, your TBI can’t be explained away. Nor can the other BS you spew. It’s funny how you keep saying all these things about jealous people. Who would be jealous of you? Nothing special about you? But you seem to think you’re something pretty special.

    • A_Proud_Infidel

      I see you’re still lying and scamming all over the ace. THE INTERNET IS FOREVER, o lying snotweasel.

  • Military Phonies

    Gimbl , You sent an admin from Stolen Valor your complete dd-214. Which is posted on your Blog of Shame. It shows your separation code and re-entry code. You was kicked out of the Marine Reserves doe testing hot on a piss test. While you was waiting on that discharge to finalize. You got jumped outside a White Castle Restaurant & hospitalized. That is the only explanation for your service connected disability card. Which you DO NOT deserve.If you doubt or question me. I’ll post the dd-214 that you sent us complete with all of your personal info.. Say the word boy. I’m your huckleberry !

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      I was active not a reserve…
      This is what I’m getting everything is false

      Another article states I was in the army not the Corps…

      • Military Phonies

        you’re right. Actually you didn’t make it to the Reserves yet. You was still in training.

        • Jarrett Gimbl

          Look at the stamps recruit 0811 and artillery 0099?

          There are backwards and stamps are not used anymore.

          • Fjones

            No, you are backward. This record clearly states (9900) no 0099. I don’t know what 0811 or 9900 are but if it’s anything like the Army these are probably your MOS codes.

            Stamps may not be in use now, but I will personally say they were being used around the dates within this record. Next excuse.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Wrong again
            And you keep saying I have excuses
            When I don’t

            bottom line
            If you pop for “coke”
            You dont get a plea for honorable espically only been in a “year” like stated.
            Those records are not mine and yes you are correct with the ba and disabilities

            I been doing this stupid argument for a year it’s old and come been and admin on the FB page read the emails we get and how we help
            Letters from senators and congress!

            Enough it’s old and helping vets is all we do

            That’s an open invite to become an admin on that page!
            Read the emails.

            Email us on there and I will add you.

            And Nelson was deleted because of his comments on there.

            Nothing to hide and I can send tons of enables and screens shots

            It’s funny that same org now states they never gave me my dog

            It’s drama and bullshit.

            Open is standing

          • Fjones

            So, you were only in a year and never deployed? Because you led some folks to believe you are a deployed veteran.

            And yes you can plea and succeed. In your case, the Marine Corps cuts its losses. Maybe felt sorry for you after you were assaulted. Who knows, but block 28 on your DD214. Haven’t seen you open that one up for view yet.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Never said that
            I said no one gets a plea on a court Marshall for only being a year!!!

            Speaking in hypothetical terms.

            I have never heard of anyone have coke in a UA and getting honorable

            Know a Marine with a purple cross and broke star popped for coke and got dishonorable

          • Military Phonies

            What is a Purple cross and Broke Star ?

          • Fjones

            From the Gunny Service Dog page:

            Sorry, this page isn’t available
            The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Try again

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Shoot the page an email

          • Military Phonies

            Are you really going to challenge me Gimbl ? I will post both the dd-214 that you sent us. PLUS the dd-214 that we received from HQMC. And let you compare the two.

          • Fjones

            Military Phonies, that would be great.

            For your sake Gimbl I hope you didn’t falsify a record. You can get famous for that.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Never would do that
            And never have

            Don’t know how to
            And I’m allowing you to join as an admin and read the emails that we do help veterans
            And nothing is made up
            And that marine in Maine
            We got him the dog he was an admin on the page at one point, got him a plane ticket to get the dog he drove back instead of taking the return flight then wanted the money raised for his dog for the rental and we all agreed the money was for the pup to get a trainer or vet bills not a rental car
            We also found other issues about the marine so the money went to another vet.
            Also got a army vet a pup in AZ
            Helped an AF vet in northern Cali with her va claim
            Another Narien who took his life we are currently helping the wife in CO

            I’m not going to stop helping veterans

            And I have no problem calling out orgs who use veterans

          • Fjones

            Well, you had no problem posting your VA record.

            Make a copy of your DD214. Take a pen, marker, whatever…scribble out your SSN, DOB, place of entry….just those items. Leave your name. Then post as you did like your VA records. Simple.

            You already showed you can post a record because you did it here. Now it’s just a question on whether you can disprove the words and work of 3 NY reporters, 1 FL reporter, the TAH website, your former arty Marine at Ft Sill, and who knows how many others.

            I read you are a LI native. I’m in Syosset. If you don’t want to offer anything that’s OK I’ll just ask around, and maybe I’ll contact the Post, the DL, and Newsday myself. I’ll also ask around to some of the vet groups here, too. You probably ran into other veterans up here.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            I will be up in a month former baby that is due in November
            And like I said we are awaiting your message on Gunnys page to add you

            You said my iPhone messages were fake

            Please call news day
            I’m trying to get you to mail the page so we can call news day on a confrance call!

            And 214 days honorable
            We all know that

            Veteran groups I have helped I will share with you too

            Read the articles I have supported those and others on the island I helped shut down

            Waiting for your email
            So we can add you as admin

            And how is this screen shot fake?

          • Fjones

            I’m not talking about your VA record screen shot. I never said any records were faked. I asked you to post your DD214 with the only blocked out sections being your SSN, DOB, and place of entry. You still have yet to do that.

            You dump anyone who has a dissenting opinion on your site, so what’s the value of coming aboard?

            You won’t address the terms of your separation, but Military Phonies posted those terms below. GKK=drug use; RE-4=ineligible for re-enlistment; reason for discharge=misconduct. You told a Marine MSGT and Sharon Baron that you were a Sergeant, yet the DD214s available say you left as a Private. You told the Marine you had 9 years in and told Baron 6 years, but your DD214 only amounts to a little more than a year.

            I’m not concerned about dogs or blogs, I want to know if you will address any of these points?

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            My 214 say honorable
            And this is a blog
            And so is tah

            I will be in soyesst
            Your famous news 12 tried to do a story and that was pulled because when they contacted me I shot down everything

            Because anyone can write a blog
            If knew how to I would shut half the orgs that email us daily

            Notice how you called my I phone chats fake but you won’t join the page
            The invite is still standing
            I dis proved you there also

            I will continue to help veterans
            As I do

            Never took a dollar and that is that

          • Fjones

            You won’t address the terms of your separation, but Military Phonies
            posted those terms below. GKK=drug use; RE-4=ineligible for
            re-enlistment; reason for discharge=misconduct.

            Does your DD214 list these?

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            No idea
            At work

            And you went from saying my FB was a scam
            To my screen shots were fake to the “I messages” were fake
            To be scamming vets

            Now coming back to this

            Notice you called me out on everything and I shut you down every time

            Off hand I have an honorable discharge

            That’s what I know

          • Fjones

            Shut down how? You’re shutting down the conversation about the terms of your discharge. You keep talking about your page, iphone messages, and any other peripheral garbage to deflect answering the root question. Coming back? I noticed you failed to respond about the news articles that features your pictures and words below. Who cares anyway. You continually fail to address the question:

            You won’t address the terms of your separation, but Military Phonies
            posted those terms below. GKK=drug use; RE-4=ineligible for
            re-enlistment; reason for discharge=misconduct.

            Does your DD214 list these?

            The answer is as easy as looking at your DD214. You keep posting up that your discharge was honorable but there’s more than that. You know it.

            Matter of fact, Military Phonies answered for you by offering the section in question, which says “honorable” but also indicates misconduct, sep code for drug use and re-enlistment code that says no branch will ever take you back. Explain it. So, until you can offer anything beyond what Military Phonies posted, that’s the word.

            The more you respond about anything else only shows your resistance in answering the root question.

            But I guess it’s an inconvenient truth for you. If you’re at work, stay at work. That way you can’t show your DD214. Or come up with another lame excuse why you won’t set this record straight.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Now you acting ignorant

            I dont have my forms on me at work!

            And you came at me with several claims and I shut you down on all of them.

            I have an hot able discharge as stated.

            I don’t know what codes say
            No excuses

            Once again you said my emails and screen shots were fake.
            Apparently you skipped away from that one and the open invite to become an admin on the one to see them.

            And news articles excuses?

            I DID NOT SPEAK TO THEM!!!!!

            There yago again!!!!

          • Fjones

            Yes, everyone can see you have an honorable discharge. But through Military Phonies, we now see that your terms of separation were misconduct via drug use.

            Please re-read my comment to your claim that I said your emails and screen shots were fake. I said this in an earlier response and not again, because that is not the focus of my discussion with you. You are getting lost in our dialogue. I have specifically asked you at least 3 times to address the terms of your separation. If I’m avoiding your constant talk about your site, I’m only mirroring your avoidance of answering a question I’ve asked at least 3 times. You are deflecting the question, so I’m deflecting your inadequate responses. Your answers have nothing to do with what I’m asking.

            The online news articles are a moot point now. What’s published has your images and direct quotes from you. It really doesn’t matter how many times you say you never spoke to 3 NY reporters and 1 FL reporter. The fact is they stand by their work enough to keep it available for all to read. You need to come to grips with that.

            You keep talking about shutting me down about garbage but it’s really you’re spinning away from the question I’m asking and avoiding what appears to be a considerable amount of evidence you misrepresented yourself as a deployed veteran, as well as your misconduct via drug use. Get used to having folks challenge your Marine Corps time, so long as you don’t publicly address it.

            If you’re not going to tell the truth about your service, just stop talking. It was already done for you by Military Phonies and your former Marine. Avoid it all you want it’s not going away.

          • Military Phonies

            I guess you didn’t speak to the reporter of this article either.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            I work my ass off to help other veterans

            But I’m wrong in what?

          • Fjones

            Falsifying your service. Or are you like Hillary Clinton: “what difference does it make?”

            You owe it to those you help to state who you truly are. Maybe you’ll get more rest not having to worry about what falsehood you told to who. Must be hard trying to keep track of all your fibs. The truth will set you free!

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            So why would there be two and are they the same?

          • Military Phonies

            They are the same. The only difference is the one you sent us doesn’t have anything blacked out.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            So it states honorable?
            Correct ?

            So we are arguing over the commoners made

            And I’m assuming this is Fred?

            You can call me phone is on

          • Military Phonies

            Your assumption is wrong. This isn’t Fred. You have a Honorable with a RE-4 Reenlistment code. and yes you had a plea bargain in lieu of a Court Marshal . It was a quick way for the Corps to get rid of you without costing them more money with Brig time. And you receiving a felony. I’ve seen this plenty of times.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            I can’t legally state the orgs name
            But like I said before I never ever in my spoke to cnn but there was an article about me getting kicked out a dept store
            With my dog

            Not true
            I had that removed and I also got others removed after I found out.

            I stand by my fox interview 100%

          • Fjones

            Military Phonies: what is the narrative reason for separation in block 28? Do you have any evidence of the court martial?

          • Military Phonies

            Separation code ; GKK – Drug use

            Reason for separation : Misconduct.

            Re-4 Reenlistment code = Not eligible for re-enlistment.

          • Fjones

            Military Phonies: Thanks for the gouge. That won’t ever come from him, ever. It’s something he wants to bury.

          • Military Phonies

            This is why he will only show portions of his dd-214 instead of the whole thing.

          • Fjones

            I know, real “honorable”. Man who won’t hone up to his snafu. Maybe if he were more forthcoming he wouldn’t have such scrutiny. But the closet seems to be a safe enough place.

  • Jon Nelson

    Since Gimbl wants to delete comments and block me after asking “which unit did you serve with then? Did you deploy?” I will lay it all out.

    I arrived at Ft Sill in May of 2008. Gimbl was in the process of fighting his dishonorable discharge for popping on a urinalysis (cocaine). During our initial brief, we were all warned to stay away from Gimbl as he was a liar and didn’t espouse the core values expected of Marines. It was well known that Gimbl had went home on leave during this process and got tuned up something nice. Gimbl himself told everyone he got blind sided with a bat. He got booted out as a private and sent back to Long Island. He was always known as a lying scumbag so it’s never surprised myself or others that knew him that he’s being dishonest now. Most of us forget people’s names when we only knew them for a month or two, but notice we havent forgotten his. Gimbl-which unit did you serve with and when did you deploy?

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      Still here,
      youbwere blocked because of the admins on a page that helps vets

      So I got booted for drugs and have an honorable and good conduct makes no sense.

      You were on restriction at fort sill not me mans Simas works and helps the page

      • Jon Nelson

        Not one NJP for me. I have plenty of Marines from Ft Sill that will put a name to their vouching of me, while absolutely standing by the fact you popped for coke. You took a plea to get your honorable, still doesn’t help when your DD-214 denies you enlistment. Not even a single page 11 in my SRB. LOL! Did you say you weren’t on restriction? You turd, you were literally stuck in cammies and green on green the entire time I was there. Which unit did you serve with bud? I picked up Sgt in under 3 years. Literally impossible with an NJP. Gonna tell us which unit you were assigned to? Why’d you get booted from Ft Sill if it wasn’t for drugs?

        • Fjones

          Jon Nelson, so you know this guy? According to what’s written, he got bounced from Ft. Sill. You were there when all this went down? Any others?

          • Jon Nelson

            I do know him. I have about 4 others on my Facebook page personally that do as well. I was at Ft Sill when he was booted.

          • Justin Denslow

            I was also there. Gimbl is a lying piece of shit. I also find it humerous that he continues to dodge the question of his parenting unit. He’s just lucky he doesn’t live near any of the Marines that actually know him.

          • Fjones

            Thanks for your service and joining this discussion Justin. It sheds some light in a very dark closet.

        • Jarrett Gimbl

          Those are not my records that’s the thing and when you request the with FIA where is my character of discharge?
          Good conduct?

        • Jarrett Gimbl

          And I have marines stating nonnjp for me ethier including Simas

          So once Again you don’t know the facts

          You can private message me.

          I’m not airing my shit out here

          And you are right I helping veterans
          A lot

          Stop 48 suicides

      • Jon Nelson

        Wait. So now you’re claiming you have a GCM too? I missed that. Lol!

        • Jarrett Gimbl

          On the dd214

      • Jon Nelson

        Gimbl…at this point I’m sure you believe the lies yourself. I KNOW YOU. I was there when you got booted. You aren’t fooling me. I think it’s noticeable to everyone else when you refuse to name your unit and discuss why you were discharged (in your own head, we know why).

  • Fjones

    Anyone who gets WIA, injured during training or a car accident, or gets sick with cancer can all get VA disability ratings. That’s nothing new. The real issue is how you are portraying yourself as a combat-wounded Marine. Refer to my post on your VA rating, which you will probably try to delete since you pull back when challenged as often as you do. Several news writers have pieces online that state your combat service, which I’m sure none of them made up, they got right from the horse’s mouth…you. We have Army vets who do the same thing you’re doing, and sooner or later their embellishments catch up to them.

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      I’m not delete if anything
      I’m here to stand my ground

      I never stated combat
      I never spoke to the news

      A non pro fit org who yes I worked with and service dogs work for vets

      Spoke on my behalf.

      Find an article I said combat?

      There are none!

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      And no news reported anything
      These Are blogs with out the proper support

      Records are fake and everything is blocked out

      • Fjones

        Sorry, I have to disagree. Newsday, the New York Post, and the NY Daily News all have stories with your name, image and direct quotes. All of them mention you being in Iraq, Afghanistan, or both. I don’t believe 3 reporters (plus the one who covered this story, making it 4) would have just made up stuff from thin air. I believe you provided that info, and it is for that reason your Marine time and integrity are being challenged.

        So, if all other records are untrue, why don’t you publish the real deal? And I looked around for what’s posted so far. I see the stuff from the valor folks where info is blocked out. Then I’ve seen what you produced which always leaves honorable but blocks everything else. Like I said, post a DD214 that shows the whole thing, minus your SSN, DOB place of entry. I don’t want to see anything blocked out BELOW your SSN, DOB, place of entry info on that DD214. You are claiming that records are fake but not offering anything else. You also produce blocked out records whenever you are asked. So, again, I don’t want to see anything blocked out BELOW your SSN, DOB, place of entry info on that DD214. Would you post that here?

        • Jarrett Gimbl

          Yes and the org I once supportive gave interviews on behalf well documented

          another article says I was kicked out with the dog of a dept store

          I was never in my life kicked out of a store.

          • Fjones

            From the NY Daily News article:

            Without his dog, Jarrett Gimbl swears, he would be dead.

            The yellow Labrador-hound mix hardly ever leaves the former Marine’s
            side — nuzzling Gimbl when his chronic headaches kick in, cuddling when
            he senses his owner sinking into depression.

            “If I have a headache, he actually puts his head on my head,” Gimbl,
            who hasn’t been diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder but
            struggles with vertigo, irritability, aggravation and other related
            symptoms, told the Daily News.

            “If I’m losing my balance, he leans on that leg. He knows everything.”

            Gimbl, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, was honorably discharged in
            2009 after suffering a traumatic brain injury in combat. After six years
            in the service, it was a struggle to return to normalcy — he was
            depressed and suicidal.

            “If it wasn’t for Gunny, I wouldn’t be here,” the Long Islander said.

            Are you saying you denied making these comments? Where would Rheana Murray get the idea you served in OIF/OEF?

          • Fjones

            If you google the Daily News story, a picture of you is in this article. YOU ARE CREDITED FOR THE PHOTO! That means you provided a photo to the writer. Seriously, man. you made the rounds with your story…quit lying.

          • Fjones

            From the NY Post:

            Since serving with the Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq, veteran
            Jarrett Gimbl, 32, has had a difficult time readjusting to civilian

            After being injured on active duty by a blunt force trauma to the
            head — he declines to go into the details of the event — Gimbl was
            honorably discharged in 2009.

            In the years since, he’s suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder
            and struggled with bringing order to his daily life, which is not
            nearly as regimented as life in the Marines. Some days, it’s hard for
            him just to leave the house.

            “There were times when I wanted to end it,” says Gimbl, who currently
            works in retail and has had a hard time finding and keeping a steady

            But the troubled vet has found help in an unlikely place: a hound and
            Great Dane mix named Gunny that he adopted nearly two years ago from
            Guardians of Rescue, a nonprofit national organization dedicated to
            helping animals in need. “Gunny knows when I’m upset. If I go sit down,
            he sits next to me,” Gimbl says. “He’s a companion and a best friend.”

            Denying speaking with Rebecca White from the Post, and that she conjured up your quoted qords from midair? Where did she get the idea you served in OIF/OEF?

          • Fjones

            Seriously, man. You participated in this news article.

          • Fjones

            Here’s an intro to the Newsday piece. I don’t feel like registering for more:

            Asked whether the issue of suicide among America’s military veterans has touched his life, John Walis grimaced.

            “I’ve lost four good friends,” said Walis, 45, of Bay Shore, who served in Afghanistan with the New York Army National Guard.

            Jarrett Gimbl, a Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said several veterans he knew well have taken their own lives.

            Along with a picture of you and Walis, for the article.

            Seriously, man.

      • Fjones

        BTW I provided links to the online stories about you from Newsday, NYP and the Daily News above, twice, in case you haven’t seen them before.

  • Jarrett Gimbl

    That’s why all of these records are not mine that are posted here

    This is the whole point

    John you can email me and I will prove you wrong like always

  • Jarrett Gimbl

    That’s where your wrong
    Like I said those are lot my dd214
    And why would my honorable be blacked out?

    Think real hard about that

    • Fjones

      Well, at this point I’m curious about the reason for your separation, which is block 28 of a DD214. How about posting a DD214 that does not block out that section, eh?

    • Military Phonies

      Hey Gimbl, In case you haven’t figured it out yet. This is ” Scotty ”

      Jonn & I are still waiting on that apology letter that HQMC was supposed to send you.

      Hope Lakeland is pretty this time of year.

      • Jarrett Gimbl


        Wrong again

        But anyway that letter is not coming but master sgt is no longer allowed to say my name.

        And I guess you didn’t get the email we sent you also

        Like I said I will continue to help veterans

        And that lame recording you have one me

        “Been there done that”, refers to placing this dance of stolen valor

        My lawyer wants to send you a letter in the mail but we can’t find you

        Not to sue you other issues

        I don’t sue people.
        Last time I checked Marines don’t run behind a key broad you know my number

        And there are bigger things then be out there and you can at me staring I was kicked it for drugs!
        I lied to the va

        My dog was fake

        And you posted my dd214 but blanked or my character of discharge.

        • Military Phonies

          No actually You’re in Tampa now.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            But not really

            Email us your address
            So my lawyers can send the papers to you.

          • Military Phonies

            If you really have Attorney’s. They know how to find me.

            Now tell me one more time that the dd-214’s aren’t yours.
            And the reporter of this article never talked with you over the phone.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Said it like 20 times and make sure you add my 215 also which has the corrections

            Or the paper work on the court Marshall
            That states it was ILLEGALY DONE AND I GOT RANK BACK AND STAYED!!

            Aww things you don’t know that’s always been my ace

            Now that I spent to much I this today I’m going to enjoy a beer and the sun in st Pete!

          • Fjones

            So there WAS a court martial. This is getting dumber as we go. Why not send your material about the illegal court martial to this Scotty guy?

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            This has been stupid for a yr

            I’m sure he more fake shit to post
            Or post documents and blank things out like he did
            And far as this lady who this article
            All she did is copy and post from scots blog

            Anyone can write a blog on anyone

            Let’s have the corps come out with something? Or Dod?

            People actually went to the attorney generals office on me and I have not done anything illegal
            And this BS actually for my disability raised.

            And like you said
            My post on fake on guns page
            I guess the female who lost her husband had choice worlds for you

            Please look at photo below

            Were you there to stop her from taking her life NO!
            Did you help her get a color guard?


            And I will continue to help all veterans no matter what!!

            And if I was so fake shouldn’t I be hiding and running under rocks like the stolen valor idiots do?

            That’s what I thought

          • Fjones

            Well Gimbl with all the FOIA’s that have gone out, I’m pretty sure the Marines got tired of hearing about your name a long time ago.

            I can care less about your site garbage. Stay on topic.

            You can spout your social group resume all you want. You still refuse to answer back with anything tangible to respond to your misconduct with drug use.

          • Military Phonies

            Here you go you son of a bitchin liar. Nothing blacked out on this one

          • Military Phonies

            Here you go you Son of A bitchin Liar. Nothing blacked out on this one.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            So why do that first you posted?

            No is lying still
            Now post the 215
            And let’s see the corrections

            We are getting there!

            I see honorable!!!

            And the 215 will say what?

            I know what it says
            I still have never lied to this date

          • Military Phonies

            Yea, You’ve gone from ” These documents are fake and aren’t mine ” to ” I have a dd-215 ”

            If you had a dd-215, you would have already posted it by now just to prove us wrong.

            Naa, you’re a piece of shit loser who was kicked out of my Marine Corps. And have been caught lie’ing about your service record.

            The funny part is that the more you continue to lie. The bigger hole you’re digging for yourself.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            Whatever you say
            I have an honorable but on some fake charges you come up with

            Whatever you say!

          • Military Phonies

            Yea, Like it was so hard for you transitioning from Service life back to Civilian life huh? I can almost understand how Boot Camp , MCI & Arty School could cause you to have PTSD and a TBI.
            But hey, I’m causing you to lose support. So why haven’t you sued me ? Oh that’s right. You’re too much of a man for that.
            Step back from the crack pipe son and own up to your own faults. That’s the manly thing to do.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            I always own up
            Last thing I will state

            Thank you for bringing attention to yourself.
            I’m not the one you called and was wrong!

            Yes I have PTSD and yes I have tbi

            Notice I get compensated on that
            And yes I give back to veterans. More then you

          • Military Phonies

            I protect the Veterans who have earned Valor son. Something you know nothing of

            The only thing I can say is that tune up you got outside of White Castle didn’t teach you a thing.

          • A_Proud_Infidel

            You hadn’t even finished Entry Training when you came up hot for drugs on a UA, and you were hit in the face with a baseball bat in front of a fast food franchise, many people are sure it was from a drug deal gone wrong, and YOU ARE A CON GAMER!

          • Fjones

            Gimbl, I see honorable, but I also see the drug use code and misconduct. Explain that.

          • Fjones

            Indicate for me anywhere in this discussion I mentioned this lady’s name. Nowhere.

            I merely said your posted iphone messages take the tone of your own words, which give them an appearance of being false. Look through the stuff you post. You really need a proofreader.

            And Congratulations. You just pushed a lady to respond to your social crisis in the midst of the real one she is in. What a toolbag you are.

          • Fjones

            OK Gimbl, so now you have 2 former members of your Ft Sill det
            saying you’re a liar about the terms of your separation. Along with the
            Coral Springs reporter, joined by 3 other articles that present your
            image and direct quotes, supported by Military Phonies and the TAH

          • Military Phonies

            Yea, Like that apology letter from the HQMC that you was supposed to be receiving.

            There is no dd-215

            You don’t get a waiver on a Re-4 Re-enlistment code.

            So keep on digging that hole dumb ass. I’m gonna go grab a bag of pop corn.

          • Fjones

            So, you just said there was a court martial. That matches with what that MSG said. Your DD214 sep code says GKK=drug use (, which again matches what the MSG said and the DD214 posted.

            You still haven’t provided a DD215, and with all the FOIA’s done on you thus far, no one has been able to recover it. Why?

            So, why was there a court martial? (which you just confirmed there was above)

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            I will continue to help veterans
            Not destroy them

      • Jarrett Gimbl

        And Hughes I’m not going to stop helping veterans like I stated.

        Teach me how to write a blog and I’m sure I can get some good stuff out there also.

        Like going after foundations or orgs that steal from vets or ones who use vets for a profit and don’t give back

        • Military Phonies

          And you shall remain on the POSer Wall of Shame .
          Now tell me one more time that the documents posted aren’t yours.

          • Jarrett Gimbl

            There us go Scott
            Why don’t you start a new blog to shut down or out the orgs that are stealing from vets?

      • Jarrett Gimbl

        And it’s funny this is all copied and pasted from your blog

        She did call I hung up after a min!

    • Justin Denslow

      then post your MOL awards sheet you pog boot fuck

      • Jarrett Gimbl

        Alread have
        Everything I posted to prove them wrong is deleted

        They only post what they want you to see and 0811 ain’t a pog dumbass

  • Fred Campbell

    Gimbl, Guardian of Valor has busted plenty of fake claims that have went thru the VA, resulting in prison time for some, you can’t use the VA as proof of service if you slip them the fake 214, they don’t scrutinize any of them, and that’s a problem we are working to correct…smh

    • Jarrett Gimbl

      No one ever gave them false records
      They posted supposedly my records but blanked out
      The character of discharge which is honorable
      And good conduct medal

      They are like the media
      They posted what they wanted people to see

      I have never posted fake anything

  • Fjones

    This person is a complete coward.

    Yesterday during the discussion on this thread, Gimbl invited me to his web page as an admin and to post. So I did. I offered him an olive branch, asking him to consider dropping his fabricated service stories and just hone up to messing it up as a young Marine. I even responded to another individual in a thread (Harleen Veruka Quinzel) where Gimbl had used a message from a bereaved spouse to defend against the heat he’s getting about his service record.

    Within 3 minutes, my posts were gone. In each of the posts, I made a comment to state that they would probably be deleted, which Gimbl apparently took as his permission to remove the from his thread. We took away from his main page into a side conversation, and again, I told him to drop making up his military back story, and he continually referenced a guy named Scotty and his blog. He closed the conversation by saying “I can’t wait to release my shit when I get”.

    After almost 7 years since his departure from the Marines, this person has no record to disprove any of the material that is out there. He stifles debate on his page, and make no mistake there are no “admins”, there is only him. And he types everything like someone else is doing the writing, to lead everyone to believe he is not the only one. The “3rd person” normally tries to defend Gimbl against critics and talks about his TBI, vertigo, and PTSD.

    Gimbl is running scared and the only safe place for him now is his FB page. I attest that this person is a true coward and the Marines made the right decision to remove him from the ranks. He does not pack the stuff for a fight. Matter of fact, at last check he is 0-1. Not a fan of baseball, are you Gimbl?

    • Jon Nelson

      I got banned for asking which unit he served with. But I know him so I already know the answer doesn’t exist.

  • Chris

    Ok, I would like to suggest a option. Gimbl, you in your own words tell us your service, and how you received your injuries. I’m not asking for paper work, just want to hear from you as to how you were injured, and how long you were a Marine.

    • mrbill321

      “Private messages. I have a 215. I won’t stop helping veterans.”

      • Chris

        why in private messages? right here, to set folks straight.

      • Fjones

        Oh look, it’s Jarrett Gimbl’s second personality….

        As I said in response to your facebook post, if you want a look at weakness look in the mirror. But I suppose that one hit too close to home for you to keep it on your page.

        Always deleting, always running, never owning up, bans anyone who challenges him. You must be your father’s greatest disappointment.

        • mrbill321

          LOL. I’m not Gimbl. I was trying to parody his habit of incessantly repeating the same stuff, all the while avoiding answering the very simple questions that have been posed to him. That’s why I used the quotation marks. I guess I should have been more obvious about it.

          • Fjones

            Well done.

            Here’s my thought each time he responds:

            He opens his life to his facebook site lemmings like it’s the Truman Show. Check out Gunny-service dog page on Facebook. He latched on to dog-lover websites to garner his fans. If they knew.

  • Kay

    Can’t seem to make up your mind about where you got this dog. You didn’t get this dog from the VA, you got him from an organization, There is no such thing as certification, or registration.Much like your little fake card you posted earlier. Do you feel like a big man pretending to be on television with your “certified” service dog? It;s nice how you pretend to do so much for vets when you only served 4 months in the military, yet, you got kicked out. This is funny. You are so full of shit Jarrett I need boots. Please you’re an embarrassment to those who actually served and really got wounded in combat. It’s time for another visit to White Castle.

  • Fjones

    Hey Jarrett….it’s only the second time I’ve seen you threatened to close your page. No balls. Stop lying to people about who you are! That would be a dude who tried coke after entering the Marine Corps, then made up stories about being wounded! Close your page because it’s really a shame of a show with you begging sympathy from everyone when you really seek forgiveness for blowing it (both actually and figuratively) as a Marine. Really dude, if you have any shred of dignity, tell the truth to whomever you meet, online or otherwise. Face it getting removed from the Marines for pissing hot was embarrassing, then getting nailed with a baseball bat, now your charade life, but guess who owns all of that…you.

    • Freethinkinginfidel

      I met this guy in a sports bar in Coral Springs and he actually no shit told me he had not one but TWO purple hearts. Granted he was drunk as hell and was playing the disabled veteran card nice and loud for everyone to hear with his “service dog” in tow. Word around town is he has aa confirmed habit of skipping out on his checks at establishments in Coral Springs and when places started to give him the ole’ heave ho he would take to his Facebook page in protest and try to rally his “fans” for a fire mission against the establishment. I’m a loyal patron as well as good friends with owners of some of these establishments and I’ve seen him make his rounds

  • Fjones

    Hey Gimbl, you telling more lies again?

    Scroll down and find your picture. What does it say across from your pic? Same lie as was told to:

    – Newsday
    – NY Daily News
    – NY Post
    – Coral Springs Talk
    – Vet Cor (
    – the US friggin Marines

    What’s next, are you going to say your employer, VetCor, got your bio from the internet? Who else have you peddled the lie to? I don’t know, you might be going away for this one. Misrepresenting yourself to a vet-owned business, and ran by a fine Army LTC and SGM. Good night.

  • Dennis Harless

    Apparently Jarret Otto Gimle has gotten himself a job where they prefer to hire veterans by having his bio states that he served 6 tears as a Marine Seargent in the Arylly. deploying to Afghanistan . Hes not thwe kind of person I’d want cleaning my floor The company number is 813 283 9759. ask for Mr Paul Huszar

  • Dennis Harless

    Apparently Jarret Otto Gimle has gotten himself a job where they prefer to hire veterans by having his bio states that he served 6 tears as a Marine Seargent in the Arylly. deploying to Afghanistan . Hes not thwe kind of person I’d want cleaning my floor The company number is 813 283 9759. ask for Mr Paul Huszar