Coral Springs Butcher Shop Is Bad to the Bone


By Dan I Cook

My buddy Tommy Dowd, who is one hell of a home BBQ Master, came up to me singing the praises of Meat N’ Bone butcher shop. Located at 9813 West Sample Road in Coral Springs, Tommy said the frozen half-pound dry-aged brisket burgers and all-beef hotdogs, are the best he’s ever had.

Now I respect Tommy’s opinion and BBQ skills, but while he’s talking, my mind wanders (like most men), and I think he is full of BS. How can frozen burgers and hot dogs be so damn good?

Listen, I get it. I’ve been to Wild Fork Foods, which I do enjoy, but I still like fresh, not frozen, meats.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in Oakland Park, Fl. and had the pleasure of shopping at Smitty’s Butcher Shop and long-gone Cattlemen’s Meat Market. Let’s not forget Doris’s Italian Market has an excellent fresh fish, meat, and poultry section too.

My focus comes back to Tommy, and he is still bragging about Meat N’ Bone. His passion has me very intrigued, so I finally told him I would check it out.

A week went by, and I mentioned to my son, Hunter, that I would be hitting this new joint to buy burgers and hotdogs. Hunter said he has heard great things about the place too, even pulling up their website a while back.

He asked if I could get him some Roasted Garlic sauce and their Mac and Cheese. Being the awesome dad I am, I said, no problem.

The Shop

Coral Springs Butcher Shop Is Bad to the Bone

{Photos by Dan I Cook}

I walked into the store, and to my surprise, there were no meat cases. Unlike Wild Fork, all the meats were in the back somewhere. I wouldn’t say I liked that. I enjoy looking at things without asking someone to show me.

Meat N’ Bone has charcuterie/cheeses, grill sauces, and ice cream infused with different liquors in three small refrigerators. Also, sakes, a sushi rolling kit, and beer called Grill Master Red on another shelf.

A pretty eclectic mix of items.

I liked the different BBQ items like hardwood charcoal, cast iron pans, a smoker, cooking knives, rubs/seasonings, and other paraphernalia for sale. It’s not a lot of stuff, but the items are for hardcore home BBQ cooks.

An employee offered to help me and I told him what I’m there for. He gladly assisted me, explaining how customers can purchase fresh meats of all types with free delivery. He used their computer to show me all the available items.

I bought four-and-a-half pounds of Dry Aged Brisket Burgers ($16.99), Eight-All Beef Hotdogs ($11.50), two packages of Bacon Mac and Cheese (1 pound each is 13.99), Grilled Garlic Sauce (7-8 ounces for $6.99), Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce, and Jealous Devil Quebracho Lump charcoal (10 pound bag $15.99).

All products were frozen except the grilled garlic and the hot sauce. He placed everything in a cool thermal bag, and off I went.

The Food

Coral Springs Butcher Shop Is Bad to the Bone

The frozen burgers are rock solid, and it takes at least a day for them to thaw out, so keep that in mind. Once I defrosted them, I used Gibson Steakhouse seasoning, Accent (yes, it’s MSG folks), and placed some on one side of the burgers. Then I flattened them out to make cooking them easier.

Grilling Process

Coral Springs Butcher Shop Is Bad to the Bone

I knew these burgers deserved to be cooked on fresh hot coals — and if you can’t cook on a charcoal grill, you haven’t achieved BBQ greatness. Anyone who cooks on hot coals or wood knows what I’m saying.

Once my grill had a two-zone setup and was roaring hot, I added the burgers to sear them. I placed the hotdogs on the indirect heat side to let them roast.

One flip of the burgers to sear the other side, and I quickly moved them to the colder side then added my cheese.

I proceeded to toast the buns, which I believe is a must, and took the burgers off and let them rest for a bit before placing them on the buns. Have to say everything looked delicious.

The Taste

Coral Springs Butcher Shop Is Bad to the Bone

Holy s—, the burger was outstanding!

I cooked it an excellent medium-rare, and the dry-aged flavor combined with the smokiness of the grill hit a home run with my tastebuds. Everyone in my family was impressed with the hardcore funky taste of these burgers. I knew halfway thru eating this glorious circle of marvelous meat. This was by far the best frozen burger I’ve ever had.

The hotdogs were just as good, and they reminded me of Hebrew National dogs which I adore. I also tried the Grilled Garlic Sauce, and that was tasty too. My son enjoyed the Bacon Mac and cheese, but I didn’t try it. The Aardvark Hot Sauce is damn good too. A great mix of spices leads to a slow burn with lots of flavors.


Coral Springs Butcher Shop Is Bad to the Bone

The last time I wrote about a fantastic place after going there once was The Cook and The Cork. That restaurant blew my mind, and that, my friends, was a while ago. Which reminds me, I need to stop in and say hello to Chef Keith and Dena.

I’ve been back to Meat N’ Bone a few times to buy more burgers, hotdogs, and sauces. I got the half-pound Wagu Burgers which were good, but the dry-aged brisket burgers are where it’s at. They have a whole assortment of different cuts and styles of meat, of which some are very expensive. There are so many different types I can’t mention, but you can check them out here: Meat N’ Bone.  They even have steakhouse-grade bone marrow and African Tiger Prawns. Not sure if I’ll get around to any of that stuff, but who knows.

Meat N’ Bone has another location in Miami. I didn’t rate them because they have a ton of products that I haven’t tried.  But if you want to impress your friends and family with burgers, hotdogs, and different cuts of meat, this is the place. They may think you are making them Bubba Burgers, but boy, are they in for a surprise. Remember to tell them, Dan I Cook, and Coral Springs Talk sent you. Stay Hungry!

Meat N’ Bone
9813 West Sample Road
Coral Springs, Fl. 33065
Open Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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