Cathartic Artwork by 1,000 People Will Be Unveiled on Saturday

The Ladd Brothers in Coral Springs. {courtesy city of Coral Springs}

By: Jen Russon

The second public art project in a series created to aid in emotional healing is set to be unveiled in Parkland on Saturday.

Titled, “Growth & Strength,” the collaborative artwork was embarked upon by students affected by last year’s school shooting, and others are participating in The Power of Art: Inspiring Community Healing after Gun Violence.

In all, approximately 1,000 people contributed to what artists, Steven and William Ladd refer to as the Scrollathon. The New York-based artists have taken Scrollathon across the country and will be on hand at the P-Rec to discuss how the collaborative project provided a catharsis for volunteer artists, for two weeks in April.

As part of the event, The Ladds will screen a documentary of what it was like to work with the communities affected by last year’s school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. In the video, individuals talk about their contribution to the large artwork unveiled, as well as the singular piece they made on their own, for their enjoyment.

Parkland Mayor Christine Hunchofsky and Coral Springs Vice Mayor, Joy Carter will give opening remarks, setting the stage for mingling with the Ladd brothers, as well as volunteer artists who helped finish such a massive art project in such a short amount of time.

Scrollathon comes on the heels of the first in the Power of Art Series, The Temple of Time, recently burned in a public ceremony. These public art installations were made possible by a $1 million grant awarded to the Coral Springs Art Museum by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

“Growth & Strength” is the Ladd Brother’s eighth scrollathon project, and joins a collection of works that hang in places, such as the New York City Department of Corrections, Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and City Point in downtown Brooklyn; the later Scrollathon brought different schools with autistic students together to work with beads and recycled art materials.

Scrollathons have lent art museums around the country eye-catching exhibits as well, which, like the Scrollathon soon to be unveiled in Parkland, show what can happen when everyone comes together with the peaceful intention of creating beauty and expressing themselves.

The precise size and dimensions of “Growth and Strength” remain unknown until the event on Saturday, June 8th. The reception begins at 3 p.m. The Parkland Recreation and Enrichment Center (P-Rec) is located at 10559 Trails End.


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