National Tech Honors Society at Coral Glades Shapes Futures Beyond the Classroom

National Tech Honors Society at Coral Glades Shapes Futures Beyond the Classroom

Coral Glades National Tech Honors Society. Top row: Hailey Machado (secretary), Heaven Smith (secretary), Valentina Arango (service manager), Valerie Castro (treasurer), Nathalie Medina (recognition manager), Montrial Thomas (historian). Bottom Row: Madisyn Baker (leadership manager), Morgan Baker (president), Giovanna Torres (vice president), Wendy Bejleri (executive secretary), Ryan Leitner (treasurer), Leandrah Jean Louis (career development manager). {courtesy}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Glades High School club is proactively preparing students for life after graduation.

Tyler Ferro, the school’s computer science and programming teacher and head of the National Tech Honors Society, created the club with over 70 members to help students map out career development, leadership skills, and community service.

Ferro tells Coral Springs Talk his vision for the NTHS is to better prepare students for life after graduation, regardless of their chosen career path. “By the end of each school year, we strive to ensure each member has a fully functional resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and work contacts that will help them network outside of school,” Ferro said. 

The club is currently constructed into five committees, each led by student managers, focusing on career development, leadership experiences, recognition through inductions, community service projects, and executive functions.

Ferro stresses how NTHS emphasizes the importance of leadership skills, outlining key focus areas such as communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and self-awareness. “We want students to become leaders not only in their academic and professional pursuits but also in life,” Ferro said. “We aim to equip them with the skills needed to navigate challenges and make a positive impact. ” 

NTHS is actively working on projects that will benefit the Coral Springs community and teach young adults about the importance of caring for each other, with one such initiative involving creating Valentine’s Day cards for delivery and spending time with senior citizens at a local retirement home. 

Another club highlight, Ferro shares, is its upcoming “Careerfest,” an event showcasing various STEM degrees and career opportunities to bridge the gap between students and potential employers. 

Ferro shared with Coral Springs Talk the unique approach to decision-making within the club, noting how the structure aims to empower its members, “The way that I created the club is that the student officers have all the power to make decisions, organize different events, and eventually execute those projects.” 

Ferro adds that the club is structured in the same terms as a business, where each officer has specific roles and responsibilities allowing the students to have control and develop leadership skills, organization, and overall communication.

Looking ahead, Ferro shared the club’s long-term vision, stating, “Our long-term goal is to be the best and most engaging club at Coral Glades High, positively impacting as many students and community members as possible,”

“We want to ensure each graduating senior member has a plan after graduation, and we have a succession plan to sustain our success for years to come.”

To donate to Coral Glades High School National Tech Honors Society, visit their GoFundMe page. Follow their journey and participate in fundraisers and student initiatives on Instagram or visit their website.

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