Coral Springs Looks to Add “Destination Attraction” At Sportsplex

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By Kevin Deutsch

Coral Springs is looking to add a major “destination attraction” at its popular Sportsplex.

The city this week put out a request for letters of interest from builders seeking to develop vacant land at the sprawling Sportsplex Recreational Area. The desired attraction will feature concessions, seating areas, a restaurant, an “everglades overlook,” a rooftop feature for viewing sunsets, a water feature, and a public event space, according to Lynne Martzall, the city’s Director of Communications of Marketing.

Coral Springs wants proposals from builders that provide design and construction services, as well as operations and maintenance of the project, city records show.

“The City of Coral Springs Commission and city staff continually work to ensure strategic priorities are fulfilled,” said Martzall. “One of those priorities is to implement a destination attraction that not only welcomes people to the region but also offers the greatest public use for Coral Springs residents in otherwise vacant land.”

Coral Springs Looks to Add “Destination Attraction” At Sportsplex

Conceptual plan.

“It is a priority that the project be consistent with the city’s vision ‘To be the premier city in which to live, work and raise a family,” Martzall added. “Since the space is zoned for recreational use, the project must provide an overall increase in publicly available recreational amenities. Most importantly, the project is required to include landscaping and buffering to minimize impacts on surrounding residential communities.”

Coral Springs’ Sportsplex is a 160.8-acre park that currently includes the city’s Aquatic Complex, Tennis Center, dog park, Coral Glades High School, Sawgrass Middle School, the Florida Panthers Ice Den—the NHL team’s official practice and training facility—and the Sawgrass Nature Center.

The nature center is operated by an independent non-profit organization and has a lease agreement with the city.  Proposers for the new project “are encouraged to consider improvements to this area that support the mission of this facility,” according to city records.

Potential builders must submit letters of interest to the city by Mar. 2, 2022.

Any questions can be sent via email to The last day to submit questions will be Feb. 4, 2022, by 3 p.m. Questions received after then will not be addressed, city officials said.

“The desired attraction will build upon the current uses [of the Sportsplex] and help elevate this area with additional recreational, wellness, and/or entertainment amenities that will enhance economic activity within our City,” Martzall said.

Coral Springs Looks to Add “Destination Attraction” At Sportsplex Coral Springs Looks to Add “Destination Attraction” At Sportsplex Coral Springs Looks to Add “Destination Attraction” At Sportsplex

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