Coral Springs Chamber Holds Legislative Update Breakfast

Political panel at the Coral Springs Chamber event. Photo by Carly Levy.

By: Carly Levy

The Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce held a Florida legislative update breakfast with representatives from city, county and state who updated members on issues affecting them in northwest Broward County.

Held on June 28 at the Marriott Coral Springs, Mayor Skip Campbell, who gave the panel introduction, first congratulated Deputy City Manager Jennifer Bramley on being hired as the next city manager for the City of Dunedin, FL.  He then encouraged each of the panelists to discuss current issues facing residents in the northwest part of the county.

Guest panelists in attendance included: State Senator Lauren Book; State Representative Jared Moskowitz; Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine; Mayor Christine Hunschofsky; Coconut Creek Mayor Becky Tooley; and Vice Mayor Dan Daley.

Each panelist expressed individual concerns in Broward County or answered questions from the audience about improvements that should be made.

State Senator Book said it was important to make sure that our water was safe to drink, as well as making sure families had affordable health care.

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State Representative Moskowitz expressed concerns about the disfunction between the two political parties in Tallahassee.  He also spoke about the importance of funding for the Low Income Pool  (LIP) to reimburse hospitals for the costs of caring for Floridians who are uninsured.

Vice Mayor Daley, who answered questions about roadwork in Coral Springs said, “Local elected officials need to be engaged at both the local and regional level, but just as importantly, at the state level.”

Coconut Creek Mayor Tooley said she was concerned about the rise of the garbage hill in Coconut Creek as well as the state of public schools.

Broward County Commissioner Udine wants small businesses to become big businesses so that job creation will be increased and more money will be coming in for families.

Parkland Mayor Hunschofsky said that she believes that everyone should have the best quality of life by providing them with effective education.  “The more we listen, the more we learn, the more we have an ability to lead.” she said.

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