Survey Ranks Coral Springs Costco as America’s 2nd Cleanest Location

Survey Ranks Coral Springs Costco As America's 2nd Cleanest Location

Shoppers lining up in Feb. 2019 to visit the new Coral Springs Costco. {Photo by Kyra Poulos.}

By Ryan Yousefi

According to a new survey of Costco shoppers, Coral Springs is home to one of the nation’s cleanest locations. 

As detailed by Yahoo! Finance this week, a new survey conducted by the financial website Finance Buzz found that after polling over 6,000 Costco shoppers, the Costco located at 4621 Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs ranks as the nation’s second-most cleanliest, second only to a location in San Antonio, Texas. 

To come to its findings, Finance Buzz asked local Costco shoppers to rate their location on a 1-10 scale in six different metrics, including cleanliness. After the results were tabulated, Coral Springs scored a 9.5 out of a possible 10 in the cleanliness department – besting other top 11 cleanest locations in states such as California, Georgia, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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Specifically highlighted in the survey recap is a Google review by A.L. Harris, who, in part, wrote, “This is one of the nicest Costcos around. Super clean and great service. A big shout out to Lenny in Tires, who went above and beyond and held four tires for me. Best customer service!”

In addition to its high cleanliness score, those surveyed also gave Coral Springs’ Costco high marks for consistently being well-stocked and friendly staff. 

While obviously impressed with the status of its Costco location present day, the relationship between Coral Springs residents and the wholesale juggernaut initially got off to a rocky start. 

Dating back to 2017, the Coral Springs planning and zoning board held a public meeting that attracted area residents wishing to speak out against the store’s construction. Back then, some of the most vocal against the project were residents of Beachwood Heights, located across the street on Wiles Road, with the group’s main gripe being the belief that the store’s presence would reduce their property values.

Eventually, the location would receive approval and officially open doors to the public in early 2019

And it’s been happily ever after, and as clean as they come, ever since.

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Ryan Yousefi
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