Coral Springs Diner: My Kids Love It


By: Dan I. Cook

First off, I’m not here to beat up restaurants or businesses so they close and we have another empty building in our community. I’m not like that, because I care.

My goal is to give some advice to help them improve, because we all can improve, and nobody is perfect including myself.

With that said, Coral Springs Diner has been open for years. I’m not sure how long because I couldn’t find a website and it didn’t mention anything on their Facebook page. Actually, it doesn’t look like anyone has posted anything on the Facebook page in 2014.

Maybe the story of this joint is on the menu, honestly I didn’t look. That’s problem number one. It’s 2014. You should have a website. This same theme of not getting with the times continues with the look of the restaurant.

It’s old

When I say old, I mean it just looks tired. It’s not dirty at all.  Just the opposite: it’s very clean, and you really see that if you sit at the counter. Everything is wiped down and pretty spotless. I don’t need Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible to tell me that this place needs remodeling.

So on to the food

Breakfast at Coral Springs Diner

Breakfast at Coral Springs Diner

I’ve never had lunch or dinner here, so I can’t comment on that. On occasion, I’ll order a turkey club for breakfast and it’s not to shabby. For breakfast I usually get the same thing: a bagel with a sausage patty, cheese and no egg with a side of home fries and grits. My favorite is the home fries. Nothing like some well-prepared home fries, and they do a great job. Nice well-cooked potatoes with onions and perfect seasonings. Overall, the food is OK, but nothing out of the ordinary, which isn’t a bad thing.

Now I introduce the loves of my life: my son Hunter, 18, and my daughter Madi, 15. Every now and then, I will feature their opinions. As they have gotten older, I have respected their views as young adults. Also, their point of view is uncluttered like mine. Sometimes they see things clearer than me, in an innocent way.

Their take on the Coral Springs Diner? They love it

Delicious pancakes

Delicious pancakes

Hunter is a big fan of their pancakes and says they are the best in Coral Springs. Madi loves their pancakes too, and is also a big fan of their scrambled eggs. Madi says they have a distinct taste which she can’t describe, and are the best in Coral Springs.

Service is OK

The best way to describe it – is quirky. My order got messed up, but it was corrected right away. I had to ask for my coffee to be filled up, which I don’t like. Plus it wasn’t that busy. Little things like that get my attention.

Tough one here to rate. The images that keep coming into my mind is that the owner of Kilwins in Coral Springs eats here, the owner of G.W. Sharkey’s eats here, and the owner of the Coral Springs Car Wash eats here. How do I know? I’ve seen them there on more than one occasion. So this place has to be good, plus my kids love it. Right?

I’m gonna go ahead and give them three beers, but teetering on two.

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Coral Springs Diner

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