Accused Coral Springs Killer Rearrested for Bullying Roommates at Halfway House

Coral Springs Woman Accused of Murdering Daniela Tabares is Sent to Rehab

Daniela Tabares and her accused murderer, Yvonne Serrano.

By Kevin Deutsch

Yvonne Serrano, the Coral Springs mother accused of killing a 21-year-old woman in 2019, was kicked out of a Broward County halfway house for bullying and intimidating her roommates, court records show.

Serrano, 53, was rearrested March 3 as a result of numerous program violations at the 12 Step Fellowship Living Facilities center, where Serrano was “being a bully, mean, intimidating, and [where] some women even express[ed] feeling threatened by her,” the facility’s house manager wrote in a February 23 letter to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, which is monitoring Serrano ahead of her criminal trial.

In June, Serrano was released from jail and moved to the live-in drug rehabilitation facility, less than two years after her alleged slaying of Daniela Tabares Maya in Coral Springs.

“We have a very hard time placing other residents with [Serrano] in her apartment,” wrote the house manager, Stacie Phillips. “We have had to move six women out of her apartment because of [Serrano’s bullying]…I have had many talks with Ms. Serrano about this behavior being unacceptable.”

Phillips said facility residents are required to work a 12-step program and attend weekly recovery meetings, which Serrano “refuses to do.”

“In the most recent incident [Serrano’s housemate] has decided to move out because of the way she has been treated by Ms. Serrano,” Phillips wrote.

“I was hoping that in Ms. Serrano working a 12-step program of recovery, her behavior would change. Yvonne has worked through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous but continues to still have the same behavior. Due to Ms. Serrano’s inability to get along with other women here, she can no longer live at Fellowship. We are asking for her to be removed.”

Serrano was returned to BSO custody after being kicked out of the program. Records show she was being held without bond at the Paul Rein Detention Facility Tuesday on three counts of violating her pretrial court agreement.

Isabel Tabares, the mother of the woman Serrano allegedly killed, reacted to her rearrest on Facebook Monday, writing that Serrano had “returned to the place where she should never leave: LA CARCEL [the jail].”

“This only leads us to concluding what [Serrano] really is…not what her lawyers want to show,” Tabares wrote. “Today I feel that a very important step was taken in this long process, my daughter…I also have total conviction that JUSTICE WILL BE DONE FOR YOU.”

Daniela Maya, authorities said, had volunteered to drive Serrano home from World of Beer in Coral Springs on November 23, 2019, due to Serrano being too intoxicated to drive.

Serrano and Maya were part of a large group of friends who attended the same gym, Training for Warriors in Coral Springs. They went out to see a movie and socialize before Maya gave Serrano a ride back to her house.

According to police, Serrano shot Maya, also of Coral Springs, with a 9 millimeter Sig Sauer P365 pistol. Serrano had a concealed carry permit, and police later found the weapon in her bedroom.

Serrano was initially charged with Second-Degree Murder and Tampering with Physical Evidence, including deleting footage from her RING doorbell camera, prosecutors said. The murder charge has since been downgraded to manslaughter.

Serrano has pleaded not guilty.

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