Coral Springs Man Accused of Forcibly Undressing and Assaulting Girlfriend

Coral Springs Man Accused of Forcibly Undressing and Assaulting Girlfriend

Enrique Alejandro Barriga Quintero. {BSO}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs resident faces charges of battery and resisting arrest after allegedly forcibly undressing his girlfriend, assaulting her, confining her against her wishes, and barricading himself inside his residence as law enforcement officers arrived.

On September 22, the Coral Springs Police Department responded to a domestic disturbance call from a victim who reported her boyfriend had stripped her naked and assaulted her. 

According to records, the victim told officers that her boyfriend, later identified as Enrique Alejandro Barriga Quintero, 27, of Coral Springs, had barricaded her in a room, stripped her clothes off, and pinned her to the bed multiple times. 

Upon arriving at the scene, officers knocked on the door and heard a female victim’s voice from inside the residence, urgently pleading for them to open the door. 

As officers attempted to gain entry, however, an unknown person from within the home forcibly slammed the door shut and locked it, leaving the female inside crying out for help.

The responding officers loudly identified themselves as Coral Springs Police officers. They continued their efforts to open the door while repeatedly giving loud verbal commands for the occupants to open it. 

After some time, the front door swung open, and a visibly upset female rushed out of the apartment, followed by an unknown male, whom she identified as her brother, not Quintero.

Officers directed the victim and her brother to a safe distance and continued to demand that Quintero exit the apartment, but he refused to comply.

With additional Coral Springs Police units arriving at the scene, the officers shifted their attention to the victim, who told officers the incident began when she broke up with Barriga, and he became agitated after seeing her wearing his clothing.

The victim told officers she went into her daughter’s bedroom to sleep, but Quintero followed her and forcibly removed her clothes, leaving her naked.

The arrest report shows the victim ran away and covered herself with a blanket, which Quintero also snatched away, then allegedly slapped her face multiple times with the clothes and eventually grabbed her by the throat, pushing her onto the bed. 

The victim told officers it continued for some time, and she screamed for her brother’s help. In response, Quintero shoved his fingers into her mouth and covered it with his hand to silence her, saying, “How many times do I have to tell you to shut the fuck up?”

After the victim agreed to remain quiet, Quintero released her and engaged in a brief conversation. The victim then requested to put on clothes, which he allowed, but as she attempted to leave the bedroom, he pulled her back inside. 

Hearing her cries for help, her brother intervened, allowing her to escape outside the residence.

A medical report showed the victim sustained a swollen tongue from Barriga shoving his fingers into her mouth. 

Coral Springs Police officers detained Quintero within the residence and subsequently arrested him. He was transported to the Broward County Main Jail and released after posting $1,000 bail.

Records show he is currently on house arrest pending court dates.

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Ryan Yousefi

Ryan Yousefi
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