Coral Springs Man Arrested After Attempting To Enter Multiple Homes

Chase Boutwell

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs man was arrested and charged with burglary, grand theft auto, and resisting arrest after attempting to steal a vehicle and enter multiple homes.

On October 18, Coral Springs Police were dispatched to the 2400 block of NW 118th Terrace after receiving multiple calls about a white, sweaty male acting erratically and knocking on residential doors.

The man later identified  Chase Boutwell, 21, of Coral Springs, was discovered in the garage of one of the callers, asking her if the car belonged to her. With no key fob in sight, Boutwell attempted to start it via the push-button ignition; however, the car wouldn’t start.

According to the report, the caller ran inside, locked the door, and called the police. Boutwell soon fled.

When officers arrived, they encountered a male walking down the street that matched his description. They gave Boutwell loud verbal commands, asking him to drop to the ground and show his hands; however, he quickly stood back up and ran away as they approached. As officers chased him, he attempted to enter a residence, but the homeowner, who was outside of the home at the time, quickly rushed back inside and locked the door.

Officers cornered Boutwell outside the residence that he had attempted to enter and warned he would be tasered if he did not comply with their demands. After dropping to the ground, he again attempted to run away. He was subsequently tased.

After handcuffing Boutwell, he once again ignored commands and continued to escape. At this point, officers tased him for a second time.

While recovering, Boutwell exhibited bouts of calmness followed by violent kicking and flailing of his arms. Multiple officers were needed to subdue him until EMS arrived and administered a dose of the tranquilizer drug Ketamine.

Boutwell was transported to Broward Health Coral Springs for examination, then was arrested on the charges.

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