Coral Springs Man Told Pregnant Victim His Physical Abuse was Part of His ‘Intimacy’ with her

Pregnant victim

Armando Ramos-Ramirez

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs man was recently placed under arrest on charges of domestic battery to a pregnant woman in an incident that took place in April.

According to the police report, on April 8, the Coral Springs Police Department arrived at the 3900 block of Woodside Drive after receiving a call from the girlfriend of Armando Ramos-Ramirez, who alleged he battered her for a week.

The victim, who was pregnant at the time, indicated that on April 1, Ramos-Ramirez, 35, arrived home intoxicated and stood behind her, rubbing his hands up and down her body. Ramos-Ramirez then placed his hands around her neck and squeezed it.

The victim stated in the report, she did not lose the ability to breathe at this time but quickly indicated she wanted him to stop touching her. Ramos-Ramirez, refused, before punching the victim above her left eye, leaving a wound. He then pushed the victim onto the bed.

The victim told police Ramos-Ramirez said the physical abuse was part of him wanting to be intimate. She explained to him that physical pain was not her idea of intimacy.

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She asked Ramos-Ramirez to leave, or she would call the police. According to the report, he did not leave the residence for six more days.

When CSPD arrived, the victim presented pictures of her injuries from the night of the assault. The report shows officers did view injuries to the victims’ left eye. She told police she was too scared to call them while Ramos-Ramirez was still living with her and only did so because he had recently left.

This was not the first time that police have encountered the couple. According to the police report, Ramos-Ramirez was arrested by the Coral Springs Police Department back in January for similar domestic assault charges involving her.

Police proceeded to spend multiple days attempting to contact Ramos-Ramirez with no success. Eventually, police were able to touch base with him. After an investigation concluded, CSPD took him into custody and placed him under arrest on July 15.

Ramos-Ramirez was taken to the Coral Springs Police department before being transported to the Broward County main jail.

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