Coral Springs Police Arrest Woman for Battery on 66-year-old Mother

Coral Springs Police Arrest Woman for Battery on 66-year-old Mother

Silvia Rebac

By Ryan Yousefi

Police arrested a Coral Springs woman for battery on her mother and obstructing an officer.

On August 15, the Coral Springs Police Department received a call at 1:43 p.m. from the 600 block of Lakeview Drive. Upon arriving, they encountered Silvia Rebac, 40, of Coral Springs who was in an agitated state and verbally combative towards the officers. 

Due to her increasingly aggressive behavior, officers requested Rebac exit the residence for further questioning. Once, outside, she admitted that she had been in a fight with her mother, but claimed both had pulled each other’s hair and struck each other multiple times. 

Officers repeatedly attempted to get Rebac to verify her identity, but she refused to present a valid ID and continued to be verbally abusive towards officers. Officers informed Rebac on multiple occasions that identification was required to conduct a valid investigation into the call they had received. 

At one point, Rebac attempted to physically push through officers to gain re-entry into the apartment, possibly to confront her mother about matters she had been discussing with the officers at the time.

At that point, officers placed Rebac in handcuffs and attempted to continue the investigation. 

During the interview, the mother told police they had had a verbal fight that turned physical. She retreated to her room to call the police but was further assaulted by Rebac as she picked up the phone. 

The mother alleges Rebac pulled her hair from behind and shook her side-to-side while attempting to take her phone. A struggle ensued, and the mother told police Rebac repeatedly assaulted her in an attempt to stop her from calling the police.

At one point, the mother told police she was able to pin the phone beneath her legs, but Rebac was able to violently steal it. 

Police observed injuries to the mother, as well as handfuls of hair that had been ripped from her head during the struggle. 

Due to the age of Rebac’s mother, who is 66-years old, her attempt to regain entry to the home during questioning, and her hindering of the investigation, Rebac was charged with battery of a victim over the age of 65, obstruction of an investigation, and tampering with a witness.

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