Coral Springs Will ‘Get Weird’ When Comedian Adam DeVine Performs in October

Adam DeVine

By: Jen Russon

Things will be getting weird when Comedian Adam DeVine makes a stop in the city.

Just a few weeks before his 35th birthday, one of the busiest young comedians in America will perform his “Weird” Life tour in the Sunshine State. Following appearances in Tampa and Melbourne, DeVine will bring his act to the Coral Springs Center for the Arts this October.

The comedian, best known for his shows, Workaholics, Adam DeVine’s House Party and ABC’s hit show  Modern Family is also a leading voice actor in the Ice Age and Lego Batman movies.

DeVine, who co-produced Workaholics with good friends from his days at Orange County Community College, said the idea for The Weird Life tour came to them, years ago, during a Weird Al Yankovic performance at the OC Fairgrounds.

“He was like taking forever to come out, like he was Guns N’ Roses or something – like he was Axl Rose and people were like, ‘what’s going on?’, and we started chanting “Let’s Get Weird, Let’s Get Weird…and we had like 2,000 wierdites gettin’ weird.”

In case anyone is wondering what getting weird may entail, they can look to the quirkiness of DeVine’s House Party show, where episodes feature three, formidable stand-up comics and hilarious –for Comedy Central even – scripted scenes. His act is droll, full of self-mockery – maybe a little tender.

There’s good reason for that.

At the age of 11, DeVine was in a serious accident that he survived, only because the bike he was pushing across a busy intersection, took the full force of a passing truck. DeVine’s legs were crushed, and recovery took forever. He passed the time calling into local radio stations, impersonating celebrities. Ever since his brush with death and long rehabilitation, the actor has given generously to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. A big heart and funny bone have also lead to appearances on military USO tours.

Performing for troops is something DeVine has described as “the most rewarding experience of my life.” He has elaborated in interviews, a belief that comedy brings people together. It can change the vibe.

Having experienced his fair share of bullying, DeVine told jokes as a way to deflect and change said vibes from bad to good.

In Workaholics, his droll humor pitted against Seth Rogen’s and High School Musical heart-throb, Zac Efron are a laugh riot.

“How many chicks can you plough?” DeVine asks Efron in an episode that features the drollest interview since Office Space. It’s the one where he and Rogen are interviewing for the same job. Toward the end of the scene, after some pretty coarse language and gestures are exchanged, DeVine shifts gears and behaves professionally. He gives a “midpoint assessment,”, explains that “vibes are very important in a cubicle.”

If you want to feel funny vibes from head to toe (who knows? DeVine could do his Shooey routine that had audiences rolling in Melbourne), you can buy tickets through the Coral Springs Center for the Arts box office or online.

“I’m going on the road, yeah I’m doing standup in a city near you. Come out, let’s get weird and live a weird life together,” DeVine said, back at the start of 2017 when The Weird Life Tour began.

The show is set to run until the last stand-up special for Netflix in DeVine’s hometown of Omaha. For Coral Springs. The Weird Life Tour is on Sunday, October 28 at 7 p.m.  Tickets are $26.50 – $52.47 available online at Coral Springs Center for the Arts.

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