Crafty Crab Ordered to Cease Operations After Inspection Reveals 12 Violations

Crafty Crab Ordered to Cease Operations After Inspection Reveals 12 Violations

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By Ryan Yousefi

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation has ordered a Coral Springs restaurant to shut its doors after an inspection led to the discovery of a dozen serious code violations.

On July 19, Crafty Crab, located at 9511 Westview Drive, was ordered to stop operations and shut its doors following an inspection of 12 health and food code violations.

Of the violations highlighted in the report is the discovery of live, small flying insects throughout the restaurant, noted by inspectors to not only be visible in the kitchen but also the food preparation area, food storage area, and bar area. 

According to the food inspectors’ report, small flying insects were observed landing on soda boxes at the soda station and on the walls, single-service items, and prep counters at storage shelves on the opposite side of the cook line. 

Additionally, the report notes a concern that insects were even visible on and inside the dishwashing machine, a clear health code violation. 

Inspectors also discovered serious issues with the food’s temperature control, citing that storing time and temperature control were found to be well above the safe threshold of 41 degrees. 

The report notes an instance where the inspector discovered hush puppies being kept at 50 degrees in a reach-in cooler by the cook line, a temperature not considered proper for refrigerators.

The report indicates during the inspection, employees attempted to apply a quick fix to the situation by placing the hush puppies in the walk-in freezer for rapid chilling, but the inspector noted the action as a repeat violation.

The inspector also indicated in the report that the restaurant’s handling of reheating food raised concerns, mainly that cooked eggs sitting in a crockpot near the cook line were found at a temperature 50 degrees below code limits. 

Crafty Crab was also found to be using improper cooling methods, including how the restaurant handled cooked corn and potatoes found at unsafe temperatures.

Inspectors also discovered utensils and a bucket in the hand wash sink near the kitchen entrance, which was meant exclusively for hand washing, a clear violation of restaurant hygiene standards.

The discovery of the serious code violations compelled the investigator on the scene to issue a “Stop Sale” order, mandating the restaurant to remain closed until they have rectified all issues and demonstrated compliance with health regulations. 

The restaurant’s management is also required to undertake a comprehensive cleanup and pest control operation and retrain staff on proper food handling and safety protocols.

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