Death at Studio 6 Extended Stay In Coral Springs Under Investigation

death at studio 6

Studio 6 Coral Springs

By Ryan Yousefi

The Coral Springs Police Department is currently investigating a death that occurred at the Studio 6 Extended Stay Hotel.

On July 4, a call was received by CSPD about a person that was unresponsive at the Studio 6 Extended Stay Hotel located at 5645 North University Drive. It is unclear if the person in question was staying at the hotel. 

According to CSPD Public Information Officer Francis Capre, the death is classified as an “unattended death,” and the department was unable to provide any additional information at this time.

“We did we receive a call yesterday (July 4) from the hotel about a death. We’re unable to label the death at this time as an active and open investigation is still in process.” Said Capre.

An unattended death label on a police report indicates that someone was found dead, and there were no witnesses to the death. There are several reasons for such a label. None in this instance were given, and Officer Capre cautioned that it is too early to say if the death will be investigated as a homicide.

We will update this story as more information is available.

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