For Coral Springs Author, Writing is a Family Affair

For Coral Springs author Writing is a Family Affair

The Froling Family: Scott, KayLynne and Karlene and Kyle and Nathan standing. {Froling family}

By: Jen Russon

For local children’s book author Karlene J. Froling, writing is a family affair that keeps them busy by adding new books to their ‘Picture Perfect’ series, an offering from their publishing house at Kay’s Heart.

Residing in The Crossings, Karlene, Scott, and their three children, Nathan, Kyle, and KayLynne, each had a hand in making, ‘I Love Being Me, Uniquely Me,’ an Amazon #1 Best Seller, voted an Amazon Teachers’ Pick’ book.

“My daughter is my beta reader and biggest fan. My sons encourage and keep me grounded, and my husband helps bring to the surface the stories that live in my heart,” said Karlene, adding that writing saved her life.

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Karlene was born in Jamaica, overcoming poverty before emigrating to South Florida in 2003.

“The first thing I ever wrote was my life story of living a life of fear, insecurity, and anxiety. Never published it – but the writing opened a cage I’d been trapped in,” said Karlene.

Inspired by Stephen King’s memoir about becoming an author, Karlene used every tool at her disposal to write at a level she knew she could succeed.

“I said to myself, how can I contribute to this wonderful world we’re living in? How can I use my experiences to help others?”

The answer to Karlene’s question has resulted in a robust and ever-growing collection of children’s books that teach young readers how to practice healthy habits to develop a healthy growth mindset.

“Our words are magical,” says Karlene, “and I want our children to know that they can change the outcome of tomorrow by the words they speak and the choices they make today.”

“I hold my head high, and although I may fall, I always get back up, and I keep walking tall.

Yes, sometimes I stumble, and it’s all okay. It makes me feel stronger to face the next day.” – an excerpt from the book I Love Being Me, Uniquely Me.

The concept caught on, resulting in more than just sales but also opportunities. Karlene enjoys holding readings at schools, appearing on a Jamaican TV network back home, and has been featured in online magazines in Broward, where she works full-time as a project administrator for a construction company.  

Karlene was involved in the construction of the Coral Springs Municipal Complex and was a nominee for the Coral Springs 2020 MLK Monument Award. Her husband works in Managed Healthcare, and all three children attend public schools in Coral Springs. Yet, deep as her South Florida roots go – Karlene’s skill as a wordsmith can be enjoyed worldwide.

In a virtual reading room, she presents “Uwi the Unicorn’ in a tone and tempo that harken back to the days of Lambchop and Mr. Rogers.

Her upcoming book, ‘Taffy the Turtle,’ is expected to launch in May, and by joining her reading club on, readers receive a free copy on the day the book launches.

‘Taffy the Turtle’ is the second book in the Picture Perfect series that consists of ten books, beginning with ‘Pete the Shark,’ an Amazon #1 Best Seller. 

“My hope is that our fun and colorful children’s books — written to empower, entertain, and educate — will  boost children’s imaginations, encourage healthy habits, inspire kindness, and know right from wrong, to wake up to a better tomorrow.”

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