Forest Glen Teachers Honored with ‘Teacher Appreciation’ Lunch

Forest Glen Middle School

Julie Johnson, a teacher at Forest Glen Middle School, greets Principal Ronald Forsman during a teacher appreciation event. {photo by Jen Russon}

By: Jen Russon  

Faculty and staff were honored with a BBQ lunch during Teacher Appreciation Week at the park behind Forest Glen Middle School, with several of the teachers opting to dine picnic-style on blankets and folding chairs.

Catered by J&C BBQ food truck, teachers were greeted by their principal for a few hours on Thursday afternoon and served BBQ, all its fixings, and a side of ‘thank you’ for being great educators.

Principal Ronald Forsman said most of his staff turned out for the event, and introduced the food truck owner, history teacher Joseph Arterberry, as one of the Wildcats at Forest Glen.

The principal said Arterberry was compensated for catering the special luncheon for his fellow faculty members.

“It was intended to be a drive-by, but many of our teachers found a cool spot to sit and enjoy their lunch at a safe distance from one another. Its been great seeing everyone again after the virus closed the school for so long,” said Forsman.

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He was referring to the shutdown of all Broward County schools that began nearly two months ago.

Forest Glen Middle School teachers enjoy their social distance picnic.

At the Turtle Run Park, a group of teachers, including one with an eight-month-old baby, wore masks, kept apart, and enjoyed Styrofoam trays of soul food.

Julie Johnson, who said she’d been teaching longer than ‘most of the people here have been alive,’ stopped by for a plate of BBQ as well.

Johnson shared with the principal, her last child had just graduated from college, and she wanted to celebrate that too.

The J&C food truck offered barbecue chicken or pork, mac n’ cheese, baked beans, and Cajun rice. The teacher appreciation event was put together by the Forest Glen PTO and Forsman.

“Our faculty has been very encouraging and supportive to our students during this process, and we want them to know that we see them working harder than ever, and we love them all for going above and beyond the call of duty,” he said.

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