Need Your Lawn Mowed? There’s Now an App for That

By: Jen Russon

GreenPal, a free mobile app that connects homeowners needing lawn care with local professionals, has launched in Coral Springs.

The company, based out of Nashville, started in 2012 and has rapidly expanded nationwide and Coral Springs will join the 30 cities being serviced in the Sunshine State, where – as residents know – grass needs cutting all year-long.

Co-owner, Gene Caballero said that GreenPal, which is expanding into new territory approximately every two months, is excited to be taking on South Florida.

“We are known as the ‘Uber of lawn care services’. If you want to set up reliable and affordable lawn care without having to do research and lots of calling around, GreenPal eliminates that hassle,” said Cabellero, who confirmed that GreenPal has a presence in 40 major U.S. markets and shows no signs of slowing down.

GreenPal App

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He added that one of the best things about the digital service is how it offers users the ability to pay for mowing online, without any old-fashioned uncertainty, such as having to leave a check under the welcome mat, or sending it to the lawn man through snail mail.

Cabellero said the first seedling of the idea to grow the business began when he was in high school and college, mowing lawns to get by. Eventually, he and business partner, Zach Hendricks would create GreenPal, the solution they believe home owners have always wanted.

“Zach is the tech behind GreenPal and I handle all the marketing,” said Cabellero, elaborating that their vendor platform has 6,000 vendors right now. Both Hendricks and Cabellero live in Tennessee, but their company –currently servicing 300,000 homeowners – is getting airtime all over the country.

A landscaper from Maximum Lawns and Tree Service – featured on a local news segment in May – explained how GreenPal works in an interview on Good Day Sacramento.

“I get all the information on the property, via text. I get satellite images from Google maps. They [GreenPal user] send me notes – whatever they want done, and from there I bid on it, send it back to them, and they can decide whether they want to work with me or not,” said Max from Maximum Lawns and Tree Service.

On a different news segment filmed this summer in Kansas City, a worker for a local lawn company said that all GreenPal users receive three bids on the job they want done.

“It’s enough to give customers a choice, but it doesn’t overwhelm them,” she said. The lawn care provider added that her business has really picked up since signing on as a GreenPal vendor. She has serviced one client’s lawn a total of 92 times.

In Coral Springs, GreenPal works the same way. Users can schedule a one time, per week or biweekly visit from the same vendor. Customers receive a photo once the job is complete.

Before they choose a service provider, GreenPal users can read customer reviews, see reliability ratings, as well as photos of past jobs by the lawn care professionals doing the bidding.

“Once you set up your account, it’s usually next day service. GreenPal spares you from potentially doing hours of online research. It’s a one-stop shop for having your lawn care needs met,” said Cabellero.

He added that he enjoys publishing informative blogs about maintaining a healthy, green lawn on the GreenPal site. He said that the company mascot, a cartoon named Gary sitting on a riding mower, embodies what GreenPal is all about.

“Gary serves as a symbol for all the hardworking lawn care professionals that serve the thousands of homeowners who use GreenPal to find their perfect lawn pro… their Pal,” Cabellero said.

In the spirit of that, GreenPal awards a $2,000 scholarship for entrepreneurs, and will be accepting entries for 2019, beginning the first of December.

For those seeking a nice neat lawn, however, help is a phone tap away and available right now, round the clock. Whether it’s from your home computer or via the free mobile app for Google or iPhone, GreenPal is here to cut potentially 40,000+ lawns in Coral Springs.

Gone are the days of offering to pay the kid down the street to come over on Saturday and fire up the lawn mower,” one GreenPal user said. “Now, there’s an app for that.”

Simply click on “Get my Lawn Mowed” to get started.

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