Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supply Store Holds Grand Opening in Coral Springs

Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supplies. Photos by Jill Fox.

By Jill Fox

If finding the right dog food is ruff,  then visit this new pet supply store that offers everything but the kitten sink.

Coral Springs pets and their owners are in for a real treat now that Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supplies just opened its doors.

With an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supplies specializes in quality food and treats as well as carries the best brands in all-natural pet products. A walk inside reveals how everything is organized in easy to find areas for kittens, cats, puppies, small dogs, and big dogs. The store has a section for raw food, a full line of CBD products from two of the oldest and most reputable companies, and organic grooming products for animals —especially those with allergies or skin issues.

“The whole purpose is to make everything as healthy as possible,” said owner John Janus, a retired accountant whose love for dogs motivated him to go into business.

Janus, who has lived in Coral Springs for eight years, participated in both the Coral Springs and Parkland Farmer’s Markets along with attending trade shows and courses for the latest information, which gave him an idea of what people were looking for.

Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supplies in Coral Springs.

Many owners are making their own dog food now, which Janus said could be very dangerous if they don’t include the right protein and nutrients, so he has a section with premixed dehydrated vegetables, fruits, and vitamins as well as the proper supplements for any home cooking.

In addition to searching for items that are unique and healthy for dogs, such as bowls that keep food cold and dishes with built-in scales, Janus provides an extensive inventory of healthy snacks with limited ingredients: no preservatives, glycerin, byproducts or added sugar.

“I like to know where the food is coming from. I try to be green, so if we can avoid net fishing for tuna, it’s much better,” said Janus, who uses a cat food company that only provides line-caught tuna. He also prefers family-owned companies and finds that they pay attention to what goes into their pet food.

For those who can’t make it to the store or don’t want to lift heavy bags of dog food, no problem: Three Amigos provides free delivery within five miles of their Coral Springs location.

In addition to the essentials, Three Amigos has a certified professional trainer on staff to aid in all skills from raising a puppy, to aggression and behavior modification in an intimate, fully air-conditioned setting.“We have a loft designed for training small dogs, and a larger area for bigger dogs and group lessons, which will take place on Saturdays, as well as an excellent trainer who came highly recommended,” said Janus.

He’s talking about Alison Chambers, who has been training professionally for eight years, and said she likes working with her clients to help them achieve their individual goals.

“I believe that training should be fun for the owner and the dog,” she said.

Named in honor of Janus’ four-legged children, Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supplies will hold their Grand Opening celebration on Sunday, September 15, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. At the event, he plans to introduce the public to the store and hopes they will see the difference.

“When you go to a pet store, you see someone different each time, and when you come here, you only see me.”

He said it’s a one-on-one atmosphere where he and the owner can talk about what’s best for their pet.

At the Grand Opening, customers can enjoy lunch, while their pets sample food. The event will have prizes, a pet photographer from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., a groomer providing “pet-icures” and a chance to meet Alison, the trainer.

Three Amigos Healthy Pet Supplies is located at 9830 West Sample Road in Coral Springs. Hours are Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Contact the store at 954-326-1002.

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