I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! 


By Dan I. Cook

As a now-retired law enforcement officer, I lost track of how many jokes were lobbed my way about cops eating donuts.

While on the job for 29 and a half years in Broward County, I never really ate donuts. I enjoyed drinking many cups of black Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and having breakfast at some local restaurants. While working, donuts just weren’t my breakfast choice. Donuts are a sugary treat I’ll indulge in when the mood strikes me. 

My Qualifications as a Donut Commander

My donut-tasting pedigree began at a very young age in the 1970s while attending St. Clements Church and School in Wilton Manors.

Attending 9:00 am Mass every Sunday was a ritual that played out like Groundhog Day. Go to church and then head over to the parish hall for coffee and donuts. This was the only joint in town where my folks could drop a five-buck donation and feed a family of six. 

Like most kids, I didn’t care about church. I wanted some damn donuts and a chocolate milk. My favorite donuts were honey-glazed, chocolate-glazed, and toasted coconut. Eating them, especially when they were warm, put a huge smile on my face every time. With that said, donuts make me happy, and I’m always on the lookout for a place that makes damn good ones.

Lucky for you and me, I found Luv’s Donuts, which opened in the old Laspada’s location at 7893 West Sample Road, Coral Springs, Fl. Laspada’s opened a new location farther west on Sample Road.

I can’t remember who turned me on to Luv’s Donuts, but one day I decided to give them a try.

Boy, oh boy, when I walked into the store, the smell of coffee and the baking of donuts immediately put all my anxiety at ease. I looked at the wide selection of donuts and thought, “Man, these look like Dandee Donuts,” which I adore.

They don’t offer breakfast sandwiches or meals. It’s just donuts, some cake-pops, and coffee. Half of a dozen is $7.99, and a dozen is $13.99.

I bought a dozen.

Rating Donuts

There are some key components required if the donuts are going to be considered excellent. The first one is appearance. That is a no-brainer. If it looks good, it should taste great. Luv’s passes that test in flying colors.

Next up is temperature. There is a reason why Krispy Kreme turns on that red light when fresh/warm donuts are being served. Every time I’ve been to Luv’s, the donuts were nice and warm. Another box checked.

Lastly, the density/texture of the donut. Luv’s hits a home run in this category. Their donuts have an airy, fluffy texture. This is what barely separates Luv’s from Dandee Donuts, which I considered the best in Broward.

I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! I Love Luv’s Donuts and You Will Too! 

In my mind, Luv’s surpassed Dandee in the taste/texture department. Now Luv’s is the best. The best example I can give is Luv’s toasted coconut donut. The fact I have to open my mouth up almost all the way — and I have a very big mouth — to eat this beauty is a feat. I had to pat myself on the back for being able to open my mouth like that to bite into the pillowy warm texture of pure joy. 

After multiple trips to Luv’s, I finally found out the owner, Juan used to work at Dandee’s Donuts. I knew there had to be some connection because they look and taste similar. Juan makes the donuts, and his wife Kelly works the front counter. They run this shop as a dynamic duo. I’ve never seen any other employees, which makes this place a true mom-and-pop destination. 


When you walk out of Luv’s Donuts, you can see the all-mighty Dunkin’ Donuts right across the street to the right. Little does the Goliath “Dunkin’ Donuts” know that David “Luv’s Donuts” has set up shop close to them.

If you go to Dunkin’ strictly for their donuts, you need to hit Luv’s instead.

Let’s be honest; we all know the donuts at Dunkin’ suck. If you are looking for an assortment of the best house-made donuts, a true mom/pop joint that is not corporate, you need to stop by Luv’s. I can see this place becoming popular as time progresses.

This is an easy four-beers rating. 

Give them a try and post your honest opinion. Who makes the best donuts in Broward County? Stay Hungry and remember to tell Kelly and Juan, Dan I Cook, and CoralSpringsTalk.com sent you! 
4 beers

Four beers = Outstanding
Three beers = Good
Two beers = OK
One beer = Needs work
Zero beers= Sucks (No beer is never a good thing).


7893 W Sample Rd Coral Springs, FL 33065

Open Wednesday – Sunday 5:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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Dan Cook

Dan Cook
A native of Broward, Half-Samoan Half-Irish or Afa Tasi, Food Warrior, Beer Ninja, United States Marine, owner/talent of danicookeatdrink.com. Retired Oakland Park Police Department/BSO Sergeant, DLE.

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