Students at Imagine Charter School Broward Collect Food for Hurricane Victims


Photo courtesy of Teresa Swope, civics teacher.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The civics students at Imagine Charter School at Broward collected over 1,000 pounds of food for hurricane victims in Haiti during a school-wide drive.

After viewing a very moving presentation by the Food for the Poor organization, students at the Coral Springs school were motivated to make a difference in the world. During the month of November, the 7th-grade civic students conducted the food drive for Hurricane Matthew victims in Haiti. More than 1,000 pounds of tuna, spam, canned fruits, vegetables, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and peanut butter was collected. 

Teachers Theresa Swope and Kristen Kladke encourage students to get directly involved in community projects to demonstrate citizenship.   Their students now understand the positive impact they can make globally. 

The five 7th-grade homerooms held a competition to see which one could donate the most requested items.  After all of the items were weighed, Mrs. Fusco’s homeroom was declared the winner.  Students helped collect and sort the food from the elementary classes, and the items were picked up at the school, located on Westview Drive by a Food for the Poor truck. 

For more information about Imagine School at Broward, please call 954-255-0020 or visit the school’s website

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