Following Standoff, Man Arrested for Domestic Battery Against a Pregnant Victim

domestic battery

A 2019 booking photo of Alex Godines.

Ryan Yousefi

Following a standoff inside a Coral Springs home, a man was taken into custody and booked on domestic battery charges against a pregnant woman.

On May 31, Coral Springs Police responded to the call at 2:10 a.m., where they encountered a female outside the home who was crying. She led the officers inside to a room where Godines, the victim, and two children were locked inside.

Officers knocked on the door, identified themselves, and asked the occupants to exit the room. The victim, who was eight months pregnant, soon complied, exiting the room with obvious signs of facial trauma.

Alex Godines, 24, however, refused to comply, keeping himself and the two children inside the bedroom.

The victim indicated to police that Godines was armed with a knife, and he “was not going to come out” instead, that he “would fight them.”

Officers made contact with Godines, wrestling him to the floor, lacerating his lip, and chipping his tooth in the process.

According to the police report, Godines was intoxicated and belligerent, screaming at the officers that they “should just shoot him because he doesn’t care,” while at the same time asking officers if they “were going to shoot him in front of his kids.”

Officers were able to handcuff and search Godines, uncovering ten vials of an oily substance that would later turn out to include THC. The report states Godines became increasingly combative, attempting to pull away multiple times.

According to the victim, the entire incident started earlier in the day when Godines arrived home intoxicated and paranoid that the victim had called the cops on him. The dispute spanned many hours, culminating with Godines, striking the victim in the head and neck area with his cellphone.

The victim had a knot on her forehead and redness under her eyes. Officers indicated in the report they have been called to the home on multiple occasions for similar domestic disputes.

Godines was transported to Broward Health, where he was treated for his injuries. He was later taken to Broward jail for booking.
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